Colour cycle Gledopto led strip?

Hi all,

Recently got a setup a ZigBee Gledopto led strip with usb powered controller. I can turn them on a off and control the colour etc through SmartThings but was wondering if there was an capability or smart app somewhere which would colour cycle the led strip or something similar?

Assuming that is PRO version you can use their remote to do that. Otherwise someone needs to write custom DTH, and I don’t see that happening soon.

If light effects are important to you, the Gledopto does well when used with a hue bridge and then you will have a choice of many different apps with many different kinds of effects. And that way the gledopto is still available to SmartThings through the Hue integration.

But there’s no easy way to integrate the effects with SmartThings, so it depends on your own personal preferences.

I used Hueoween, A specialty app, for a couple of years to drive our haunted house effects at Halloween and was really happy with it. But it was just a parallel means of control, not fully integrated. :sparkler: :jack_o_lantern:

Thanks for the replies. With regards to Hue, is there specific version of the bridge i should look for? Also, would i need to remove the controllers from ST and pair them to Hue only? Obviously they would then re-appear in ST via the Hue integration?

It needs to be generation two or higher, which is the square shape, not the round shape.

And, yes, you would move the controllers from the direct connection with the ST hub over to the Hue bridge and they will then show up through the ST integration with Hue. :sunglasses:

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