Frustrated by the state of things

My smart apps and devices are failing randomly and frequently. ST just reported issues with Mobile App, logging was broken the last time I tried to debug some code. Scheduled events were reported to be broken a few days ago and they hardly ever work anyway. Polling has been broken ever since I bought my hub and ST seems to not care at all. Which boggles my mind because what good are sensors that are not being polled ?

Anyway felt the need to vent a little because another one of my devices has suddenly stopped working and the system failed to fire my smart app schedule causing my heat to remain on instead of turning off on schedule. What good is home automation that works…sometimes…


Welcome to the wonderful world of SmartThings!


all of my garage doors just stopped working. They are all using the MyQ garage door device type, which has worked great for over a year now. Being that I literally cant get into my house right now, this may be the end of smartthings for me.

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ST totally lost control of one of my Lifx Bulbs today. It worked fine in the Lifx app though.I had to remove all apps from it, delete it and then reinstall it. It still didn’t work until I removed it from the Lifx app and had it re-discovered it the Lifx app. Seems a little ridiculous to me to say they work with a device when really they don’t. I think ST tests with just 1 device thing, and if they can turn the 1 thing on/off, they figure it is now integrated with ST.

Oh come on; it’s not that bad.

My heat remained in all day yesterday because scheduled event never fired. That cost me money.

I have 5 ZXT-120 devices that never report temp because polling has never worked.

My office hub failed to activate my actions this morning on motion event. When I tried to check why my Mobile app was not working (current known state)

Why do we say “not that bad” ? How can I rely on home automation if it fails every day in some new way ? If we don’t care why should ST ?


The answers to almost everything raised in this thread are contained in another thread, Time based events failing?. Of course, that thread has grown to over 700 posts, so it’s next to impossible to jump into it at this point and find the answer to your current crisis (since site search doesn’t work so well either).

I still believe in SmartThings, but they have a lot to learn about customer service, communicating, and prioritization of issues.


Are there really “answers” in this thread ? It is so long, willing to read for answers, not so much for excusses :slight_smile:

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There is no answer on the poltergeist thread. There are a lot of trial and errors that ultimately fail. The drama is to be continued that’s the summary of that thread.


I think this is just a thread to vent. I have NOT had the issues that anyone else has had, my system is fairly stable and I have about 90+ devices now, from Zwave, Zigbee, Hue, and a lot of other things.

The network setup of these devices are important, using static IPs and making sure your mesh is solid and reliable I think are very key to a reliable network.


Mine has been extremely stable as well. I’m running zigbee, zwave, hue, and Wemo.

The only real problems I’ve had… I had to reboot the hub once. And when I tried to schedule something at sunset it went crazy. As soon add I changed that schedule, back to normal.

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One key, certainly. No guarantee. The problems that I’ve had in the last week have nothing to do with the local mesh, as confirmed by support. “server hiccups” is their term.

Nor would local mesh issues explain one community member’s screenshots of a device that shows up in his IDE called “dining room sensor” when he doesn’t even have a dining room.

Database corruption in the cloud would explain both.

I’m all in favor of strengthening the mesh. And I’m very happy things have been working well for you, or anyone. And undoubtedly some local problems do have local causes.

Some, however, are just bad luck in running into some cloud issues.

Submitted with respect.

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@thrash99er With due respect.

The thread that I created was absolutely not created to vent. I have been with ST with its good, bad and ugly and since August this year I had no reason to vent. A genuine issue came up and that thread was created to share experiences. It may not have answers that people seek but definitely portrays issues that people are facing. You are one of the fortunate ones who didn’t get hit (mine was minimal as well). I totally hear what @JDRoberts says about the mesh (and helped me figure out tons in my network) and its importance. For once it’s not about the mesh.


Mine system is stable as well.
After last platform update works even better.

I will advise everybody with real problem report it to the support. If they don’t know about it they can’t solve it.
Or ask question here.

Generic whining here is useless.


My poltergeist was identified! Had spent time with support on chat and we walked through my problems. The issue identified is a “bug in the current firmware that messes with ‘Turn on and set level’ SmartApps that are running locally”

No ETA to fix it, but they “have an update that should be coming out very soon that will fix the issue”

Support was able to bring my lights back to life on their end, by pushing my motion automated lights into cloud.

If you are having stability issues, avoid using “Turn on as Set Level” with Smart Lighting until the hotfix is released. Instead just use “Turn on”!

Good night and good luck!!!


You can’t tell me my mesh is the issue. ST has been reporting outages over the last few days and when you contact support they tell you that they are swamped with issues.

If your setup is working fine, great be happy but don’t try to tell those of us that are having issues that it is not real.

@SBDOBRESCU, glad you identified a bug, thanks for working with support ! I have worked a lot with support in the past and I will say they do try hard to fix the issues. I just wish the developers tested more before they released to production system which we all rely on. I wish even more that the promises that V2 would move some of the work to our hubs were true. It is ridiculous that a schedule runs on the server. I have one scheduled even to turn my heat off in the morning. Simple event to turn off a switch at 9am, why does that need to run on server side ?


That’s an old news. Support told me about this bug almost a month ago, on Oct 7th, to be precise:

Thanks for writing in and letting us know - we have been tracking a problem where Smart Lighting automations that run locally don’t respond to the “setLevel” command (which determines what % dim it turns on at).

It’s possible that we certified devices to run locally on your Hub, and now that they are running locally instead of in the cloud, you are now experiencing this issue.

Makes me wonder why a critical bug that was discovered a month ago is not fixed yet and not even scheduled.


Support confirmed this issue on Sept. 20th for me. Ticket was magically “solved” 18 days ago with no resolution.

There’s clearly something big going on behind the scenes, otherwise I’d imagine they would have fixed some of the higher priority issues since the v2 launch.


I’m sorry you didn’t find the answers you needed, but that thread was my salvation. Since Support was not responding to chat attempts or answering emails during the worst of it, the suggestions in that thread were the only thing that got me any traction. Everything is fine here now.

Maybe it’s an ST holiday tradition. If you look back, you’ll find that there was a similarly long thread about platform issues during Halloween week last year. :skull:
. . .

Yeah, that’s a good point. At least they haven’t tried to close the ticket with the screenshot.



Ron, I didn’t contribute to finding this bug. As soon as we confirmed that my motion is not triggering the switch, support “pushed” the failing app to cloud and all my other apps started working again, I am not saying that this solves everything, but your story sounds remarkably like mine. I would at least avoid the set level with Smart Lighting just to see if things improve. Again, not downplaying your issues…