Time-based events failing all over my home

Time-based events are failing all over my house. Last night, my “Go to sleep” smartapp that slowly dims down my lamp would only send a couple of commands and then stop. This morning, my “Good Morning” phrase that changes the thermostat, starts dimming my lamp up, and changes the house to “Home” mode failed to run (it’s scheduled to happen every morning at a set time). I’ve also noticed that my laundry monitor smartapps are being wonky again.

Anyone else having these issues?

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yes, none of my time based stuff worked right last night or this morning either

Same here, yet nothing in SmartThings Status.

I am seeing the same thing. I have seen these issues before here in the community. This needs to be a priority to resolve with ST. Much of my automation needs are based on being able to schedule mode changes or events at certain times.


My alarm went off @ 4:00 am when my wife left for work. WAF factor is going down really fast. Should have changed modes to Morning…

Yep, I found out when my phone went off because my roommate opened the garage door at 6am. The mode change normally makes sure that doesn’t happen.

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Hi all. We are investigating an issue with the event queue system. It appears there was an issue overnight and it also appears that we were not notified of this issue with our monitoring tools. We are investigating that too.

Snarky flaming? Tearing it down? You’re welcome to revue my 800+ posts here (with 88 likes given, and 11 badges received) to better equip yourself of the facts at hand before you start to hover around the line of personal attacks.

The OP asked “Anyone else having these issues?”, to which I replied. BTW, there have been no less than 3 outages in the last 40 days that didn’t make it into SmartThings status. I think that is important to point out, especially if their monitoring is in fact designed to update that page automatically when issues occur.