Frustrated with ST v1 & schedule(). Not working, no word from support

I’m having a hard time getting support and an answer on schedule(). I’ve submitted numerous ST tickets on it. I have a v1 hub, and schedule() just doesn’t work. This includes “built in” SmartApps, as well as 3rd party developed smart apps.

My hub is only 3 months old and I’m starting to feel like I wasted time and money. My house isn’t Smart like I expected it to be.

Is anyone else having this problem with their v1 hub?

Is v2 really worth it? Or is it time to jump ship?

Have both, and honestly there appears to be a backend issue. Have you tried to reboot your hub, I know that some people have resolved this problem after rebooting.

Yep, I’ve rebooted it and the problem clears for maybe a few hours. Then sunset hits, and no lights turn on and that’s my reminder that it’s not working as it should.

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Same problem for the past week or two for me. No status updates from SmartThings until today. There is a thread on this over the past week which might be related, but hard to tell if it is the same problem since SmartThings didn’t acknowledge until today.

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Interesting & thanks! This is good to see

I think they know they will all be with out a job if this keeps happening over the next few days. Their goal is to turn lights on and off and they are failing. Many people will move to a better solution. This is not rocket science!!!

That’s the dream I keep hoping for. Where is the “better” solution? Not yet released IMHO.

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This morning my outside lights and family room lights turned off but the office lights stayed on. Everyday something random happens.

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@drsprite I have had scheduling issues with SmartThings since a year ago last June, and it only seems to be getting worse.

Scheduled items just stop running, for days. Opening the SmartApp, making some kind of edit to the settings, and clicking ‘done’, usually gets it running again (until the next time it fails).

It happens often enough that I have assigned notifications on the important stuff so I know whether or not the scheduled events have actually triggered.

Good luck with support… I am now 34 days into trying to get a motion sensor issue resolved.

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The thread that mentions the hotfix that @Dlee posted above has been working for me. You have to re-save your schedules within the app. This morning everything was working fine.

Time will tell if this is a daily fix, or permanent.

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I don’t believe that qualifies as a hotfix since the user must go in and reinstall/save every single schedule based smartapp. A hotfix would happen with no time consuming painful user by user walk through of every smartapp installed around the world to figure out which ones use what smartthings calls schedules… It would be a real fix and more efficient if smarthings just reset the smartapps for us. Not sure why that is so hard compared to all smartthings users doing all the work. The schedules run in the cloud or the hub, not on our mobile phones.

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