Every. Single. Day. Something new doesn't work

Im really just here to vent a little… i’ve had ST for half a year maybe. It seemed to work OK half of the time until a few weeks/months ago. It pretty much has a zero consistency percentage for reliability. I have door sensors / siren / wall switches / GE / Cree bulbs / motion sensors etc and at least one of them doesnt work everyday - and then miraculously starts working later.

• Door sensor false alarms @ 2am.
• Random bulb / switch just NOT responding at all for a period of time.
• Incomplete routines - or they just do not run period.
• False reading of Smart Home Alarm state
• Siren does not go off when alarm triggered.
etc etc etc etc.

I am ready to start looking for a new hub/system, the reliability of this system is a joke. Uber frustrated.

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Very much like my experience. Worked great for quite a while and then just degraded. Like I’ve seen others say here, about the time my wife started to accept/expect things to happen, it started failing and now she questions why things don’t work. If you find a reliable hub, I would be happy to know about it.


I’ve been getting notifications saying one of my multipurpose sensors is detecting vibrations. I know that it is not. Just started last week. I haven’t moved or touched it in 6 months.

Hopefully you guys have seen



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Thought i’d revisit this vent thread I started. Im happy to say that a few weeks after this thread things ironed out and its been running pretty dang reliably since.