Force Firmware Update

Hi - I can’t seem to find any information anywhere to force a firmware update.

My hub wasn’t used since firmware 22.14, plugging it back in to use in a new place and I can’t get it to update.

Using the app for “Device firmware updates” wont allow, even when selecting every option. It will instantly revert back to “Don’t allow”.

Logging into the IDE under utilities there is no option for hub update anymore.

I’ve had it connected for about a day now with no updates.

Is there anything I can do, or will I just need to get a different hub at this point?

Thanks for any help!

That option applies to devices connected to the hub.

There never was an option in IDE to update the hub as far as I remember.

If your hub is on 22.x, you will need to contact ST support and have them push the update to it.

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I guess I should ask… which model of the ST hub do you have? If, by chance, it is a v1 hub, those are in the processed of being phased out and you would need to get a newer version. If you have the v2, you are OK.

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v2 Hub

Will the update only work if it is pushed by support? or am I being impatient thinking it will push after a while being connected?

You can wait and see but I believe with it being such an old firmware version, it will require a forced push from support. Try rebooting it from IDE and wait. You could also contact support and request the update - use the app - go to menu > help for available options for contacting them.

To hard reset and pull down the latest firmware, unplug the power use something like a paperclip and press/hold the recessed red button in the back while plugging the power back in. continue to hold the recessed button in while the front yellow LED light is flickering. when the yellow LED light stops flickering and turn solid yellow release the recessed button in the back. The front LED will change colors including magenta which means the firmware is updating.

To be honest, if it is on this old of a Firmware Version it is likely experiencing an issue preventing it from updating at all. We could take a closer look if you contacted Support as well, of course.

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Both things worked.

Contacting support and having the firmware pushed. Worked within 15 min.


Factory Reset protocol - it pulled down the update - Lights went magenta.

Thanks everyone for your help!