Hub retirements (2021) V1, Nvidia Link, ADT

SmartThings is ending support for the V1 and Link for NVIDIA SHIELD in June. Shameles plug, here’s and article I put together on it

Here’s Samsung’s V1 and Link FAQ

The ADT hub is also ending support June 1 2021. ADT hub FAQ:


For those of you that don’t want to click, here’s the TL;DR:

  1. V1 and Link will stop working June 30. ADT hub will stop working June 1.
  2. users of all 3 should receive and email notice and discount code to get the new Aeotec Smart Home Hub for $35 from
  3. You might be able to get a full refund for the Link and ADT hub AND use the discount code for a new hub. Links in the respective FAQs.
  4. No migration tools

Full details on ending support for the ADT dual logo model.

Wow, hopefully people will have the time for a move to something. Oh, and a migration tool…

Note that V1 and Link owners are being offered a discount on the new Aeotec hub and as @prjct92eh2 notes below, in some cases a “full Or partial refund” on the hub. But not on any other devices.

ADT dual logo hub owners are being offered a discount AND “a full or partial refund” for dual logo devices including dual logo sensors that are still under warranty and for which they have proof of purchase. (Follow the links in the ADT details post above.) But not for any other devices.

And those paying for ADT monitoring will probably get still more offers if they switch to a different ADT service, but you have to call their number from the links in the ADT details post above, it’s not a SmartThings offer.

V1 and Link users are also being offered the partial or full refund if you purchased within the past 3 years. Obviously won’t apply for the V1, but will for the Link.

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ADT dual logo owners are also being offered full or partial refunds for the dual logo sensors, not just the hub. But not on any other devices.

a list of your ADT connected sensors.

ah, I see. Was skimming and didn’t notice you said sensors specifically. Makes sense considering they don’t work with anything else.

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Yeah, my post wasn’t clear, I’ve updated it.

BTW, this is very similar to the Iris shutdown offer. They gave partial refunds for the proprietary frequency devices, but not for ones which would work with other hubs.

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I wish that was true. I just tried to fill out the form to register for my refund and you can’t fill out the form accurately. The maximum amount you can enter for the “Purchase Amount” is $300 – which is less than what it was sold for. WTAF?

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Typical. :rage: They probably used the same code they used for refunds for the Nvidia link and V1 hub. The ADT dual logo stuff was much more expensive.

So here’s my $0.02 from the outside looking in since I’ve only ever had a V2 or V3 hub.

First, no migration utility does suck. It was promised forever ago for V1 to V2, never happened and now the top-secret one that sometimes can be used is for V2 to V3 only. So it’s gonna suck for the users that do choose to stay with SmartThings that they have to start from scratch. And i’m sure there will be plenty of people that would stay with SmartThings if there was a migration utility that will now leave to Hubitat or something else since they are starting from scratch anyway.

Beyond the migration, Samsung seems to be handling this rather well for V1 users. The V1 hub is 7+ years old which is an eternity in IoT. It was also developed pre-Samsung. So kudos to them offering a discount code at all for the new hub. $35 for a new hub is cheap.

For the Link and ADT hub, I’m kinda mixed. Both are ~3 years old since their debuts, but have been sold up until around 2 years ago I believe. The refund for the hardware and discount code on new hub is nice, but now that Samsung is going all in on WASH it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in the longevity of a WASH hub.


Sorry to go off-topic ish, but why couldn’t they do this for the Samsung Cameras they abandoned support for? They should offer a discount/exchange to all of those people that bought them specifically for ST functionality imo. Really irritates me…

Does anyone know if the sensors will work with any other system, I have dozens. I was a very early adopted and paid over $1000 for this system. This is ridiculous, I paid a premium and got robbed.

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I got approved for $350 for my hub and 18 sensors, purchased 27 months ago. I guess we are waiting for an email with a shipping label now?

Did you enter multiple requests, I got $183 for my hub and the ten sensors I bought with it. I couldn’t enter more than $300 for the purchase price.

The form asked me to enter just the price I paid for the hub, and at the top to add the number of each type of sensor I have. One submission.

Regarding the Link, I would say, this is the mark for any WASH product, if there will be ever any.
The discussion about Nvidia updating the Hub part of the Shield’s firmware is old, but that hasn’t gone further, that is a shame of Samsung, but it is not a surprise. Actually it is absolutely Samsung…
Never expect support from Samsung for any of their hardware or software deals with other companies, neither for their own ones.

I’d GLADLY forgo to the $100 discount for a good migration tool. With scores of devices, multiple smart apps, etc I have to very seriously consider my next move here, as this feels like a monumental project.


Can o get the link to file the claim/form? Thanks!