Firmware Update Smartthings Hub

How do I get the smartthings hub to update to the latest firmware, mine is sitting on 000.024.00052.

Which ST hub do you have?

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What’s the exact model of your hub?

Different hub versions are now handled by different development teams, and they do not all upgrade on the same schedule,

For example, the Nvidia shield version is one team, the Wi-Fi mesh version is another team, the ADT model is yet another team, and the SmartThings V3 is still another team.

The following page lists the most current firmware versions for each hub model:

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SmartThings V3

24.52 is the latest firmware version for a SmartThings Wifi hub.

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Are you certain? Are there two ethernet ports on the back or one?

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Sorry I am thinking I have the Samsung SmartThings Wifi as on the site it looks to be the latest firmware that I am running.

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two ethernet ports one in and one out.

didn’t know there were so many types of the smartthings hub.

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Hey Brad,
How old is the firmware on this type of hub? i see plenty of updates for other hubs but not this one… any particular reason?

Thanks excited to work with it