Fibaro button

Just received my new fibaro button today but i was unable to find any device handler. For it.
Anyone using this device already?
It looks great and theoretically you can do up to 6 scenes with just one button.

Thanks in advance for your help.


where did you buy it at?

Amazon but from now onwards i think that it is on stock in many shops.

It’s been released on the EU zwave frequency, but not yet on the US Z wave frequency. So most of the EU Z wave retailers have it. It will not work with a US hub, but it might with the U.K. Hub.

This will definitely require a custom device type handler, though, it’s using association groups in a very strange way.


It is a very interesting device but as JD Roberts is saying we will need a
dedicated device handler. I am using UK smartthings hub : )

Just got mine today too, was hoping one of the generic button apps would work since its Zwave+ but no luck yet.


Mine is on order… I’m planning to make a device handler for it when it arrives… unless someone else gets there first!


Good to hear that Adam! I am able to use code done by others but programing a device handler from scratch is still too difficult for me. Hope that you share the device handler as soon as you can make it work.

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Anyone managed to get a DTH for this yet? Mines been sat looking at me for a few days now and can think of a thousand things to use it for.


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Mine still hasn’t arrived… not sure how you got yours so fast!

So I whacked one together earlier in the week, it’s my first attempt, so please:

a.) go easy on the poor code
b.) expect bugs.

but it means the Fibaro button actuall shows up as a button in ST and allows you to assign actions for single, double, triple and quadruple clicks seperately :slight_smile:

Would LOVE for anyone to improve on it, because like it say, it’s not 100% yet!



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Good stuff! Looks like it uses similar central scene commands to the wall controllers.

Have a see if you can get it to recognise up to 8 x clicks (which I think is the limit for this device).

I’ll help out when mine arrives… if you haven’t already sorted the whole thing out!

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Hey yes it does. I know this because it was your code that I ripped off in the first place! So thanks for doing basically 99% of the work!


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Nice! - well it looks like I won’t be getting mine for a while as I ordered the brown one, and apparently there is no UK stock of this yet. They only have shipped red, blue, white and black ones… annoying and no eta!

Hmm interesting, I ordered one Red and 2 Whites, and only my Red one has arrived. - I spoke to Steve @ Fibaro who said they hadn’t had any stock of White Buttons in the UK yet :S

Better give him a call on Monday again!

I stopped at 4 clicks because that’s all that is supported using the standard button controller smartapp, also, i only really needed single and double click for my use case, (a button next to my bed to run routines like ‘night mode’ or ‘morning’/‘home’ etc

It also recognises holds and releases as seperate commands, I tried to get that to work, but the button always got stuck in the ‘HELD’ mode. - I think the expecation is that there is a seperate command for ‘HELD RELEASED’ but I couldn’t work out how to reliably get that to work.

The other issue is around the ‘wake up’ command, (which happens when you quadruple click the button) - It was throwing an error for a while, which i basically got it to ignore. - Not even sure what the wake up command should do, so I abandoned that.

Ok - so mine finally came - and I’ve made a device handler.

some key features:

  • it will register button clicks (up to 5) as button pushes for ST made apps
  • It uses ST’s numberOfButtons attribute so you should find even for some ST made apps you should be able to use all five clicks
  • I’ve made a special integration with CoRE, so that you can specify the exact number of clicks or use hold start, hold release and even hold length as triggers


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How much physical pressure do you need to apply to the button? I don’t think I’ll get one as I have enough button controller devices at this point, but I’m bound to get asked in one of the assistive technology groups.

That is, could someone with limited arm strength Press it easily with an elbow or the heel of the hand? Could an assistance dog press it with their nose?

(For dogs, we don’t typically teach double clicks or long holds, we just set all the button variations to the same action. But there are a lot of buttons out there that the dogs can use. My dog can use a Flic button, a smartenIT 3 toggle, an Iris smart button, and a Logitech Harmony pop button. But he can’t use an Aeon minimote or a Securifi keyfob.)

not my dog, but mine knows the same behavior

I think it might be ok for assistive dogs but does need to be pressed straight down, not at and angle.

I’m just starting to train my dog to use it (not an assistive dog) for when he wants to go out and he’s tiny but just need to teach him to press straight down.

For human hands, it’s brilliant. Very well made and hasn’t failed me yet!


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I don’t think it requires much pressure… it’s a pretty simple device!

I am finding however that a lot of clicks are not registering. Sometimes the button just sends a wake-up notification rather than the info on how many times it was clicked! Very annoying