Fibaro button

Yep - I’m finding it’s too unreliable to use daily. It’s definitely the device as well as I can see from the logs its reporting the wrong button press

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@AdamV you should give it a another go, I have two fresh ones doing just as supposed, thanks to your device handler that is.

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@einars I’m interested in getting a couple of these. Are your buttons still working well?

I returned them due to:
When you play around with them, they work perfect.
When they ”slept” for a while they were kind of unpredictable when they got activated again.

One push could easy become zero push.
Triple could become one, and then two pushes.
So for usage you need to be sure you got your one, two, three, four and such.
It’s not your option.
Ended up buying nodon octan for my usage.

If you want something cool, and make all kind of clicks start the same thing, you could get one.
But not worth it in my opinion.

That was basically my experience as well.

I’m playing with the Philio Smart button now. Seems much more reliable… however it’s a weird device so may not suit everyone’s needs.

Also - still using my trusty & popp wall button controllers in every room in the apartment

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I have bought the Fibaro button for using it with the uk Smartthings hub. Except for the held, it works fine combined with the button controller smart hub. Now I can switch 4th activities usin the same device. Thank you very much!


Just sent back the Fibaro button. It would pair with an Almond+, I could add it to ST via the community device handler, and then it would do… absolutely nothing at all. I persevered for an entire evening trying to get it to play nicely, but to no avail!

do you use the UK ST or the US ST?

UK ST… does it work with one and not the other then?

The Fibaro button comes in two different models. One on the UK frequency and one on the US frequency. A Z wave device must exactly match the frequency of the hub that you are using (and the frequency cannot be changed after the device is manufactured). But as long as it paired, it should’ve been on the matching frequency, so it doesn’t sound like that was the problem.

It may just have been a bad device, it happens. :disappointed_relieved: