Fibaro FGPB-101-1 US The Button, Z-Wave Scene Controller

Hello Guys

I got this nice looking button to turn help my wife turn the ALARM with one push of a button.
The Fibaro Scene Controler ( Is advertize as it has 6 diffrent options.

I saw here some device handlers BUT any one can point to the working one?
Also - i am sure many has the same question - are you install the device handler first and then the device or the otherway ?

Thanks in advance guys,

There are quite a few different devices you might try for this kind of purpose:

Reviews on the Fibaro button have been mixed, both on Amazon and in this community. You can find the device type handler in the following thread,

and also read about other community members’ experiences with it:

Like all Z wave devices, you have to make sure to get the one whose frequency exactly matches your hub, either US or UK.

As far as installing the device type handler, you can do it in either order. See the following:

I purchased a Fibaro ‘The Button’ and it was useless!

Kept going to sleep and missing the initial press! Had to press once and see if anything happened, if not press again but being careful not to be too quick to avoid accidently sending a double press!!

Trying a double press would often send a single press when first waking up, 3x press would send 2x press etc etc.

Some days it would work, other days it needed several attempts to wake up!

I sent mine back for a refund and got a ZRC Scene Master instead… This is an awsome device that offers 24 different events v Fibaros 5 events!!! My ZRC has never missed an event!