[OBSOLETE] Improved Fibaro Button DH

I did a major overhaul of the Device Handler for the Fibaro Button.

I kept @AdamV core additions but I don’t use core so this part is untested.

I added a lot of features to my version

  • Has correct fingerprint so the DH should be found when you include the device
  • Held now works (without the need for CORE)
  • Battery status is reported
  • I added configuration which reports the firmware version of the button on a tile
  • I added better feedback on the tile. It now displays last reported action including button number
  • Configure also displays a lot if data in the ide log ManufactureReport,DeviceReport,etc

I hope folks find it useful.


Sorry for the newbie question. I’ve just installed Smartsthings and have two Fibaro buttons. I’m not familiar yet with how to install custom device handlers or CORE, but I’m reasonably comfortable with researching that sort of stuff and confident I’ll get up and running in mext few weeks. Was surprised to find the Fibaro button reported to be problematic on here, does this new code you kindly provided make it work smoothly even when waking from period of inactivity?

Just want to determine if I should return them now rather than finding out after I’m fully up to speed and the returns window has passed that they’re not going to work smoothly.

This explains the general process:

As noted above, you won’t need core to use this button, if you do want to start researching that as well, this should be of interest:

@OhPinchy I have two buttons working fine with my modified DH. You should have no issues. That said what do you plan to use them for? Just to make sure your desired use matches their function.

Thanks a lot JD Roberts for the info and links. Adding custom device handler and apps now seems quite straightforward. Read the newbie thread on Core and it seems great. I know I’m the type who’ll want custom requirements so guess I’ll learn that upfront rather than create ST routines and move them over later.

I want the Fibaro button to do simple things to improve wife acceptance factor and for visitors: click once to toggle lighting power status, twice to play Sonos, three times to toggle power status to a plug. Will this work reliably with this custom DH and will it still work first time after periods of inactivity?

@OhPinchy it works reliably with the DH and inactivity isn’t really a factor. What is a factor is how well you are able to click the button cleanly the number of times you need for the action. A triple click performed quickly making contact on the first and third click but not the second could send two single click actions rather then a three click action. So given the very different nature of the actions you want to perform based on the number of clicks I would get a multi button device rather than a single button device which simulates multiple buttons. If you use the button for single button turns light off, double turns on dim, triple turns on bright, you might find it more satisfying.

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Thanks Ron. Will try it out with simple options like that and see how it goes. Any multiple button options that look ok (have seen some very plasticy ones) and work well?

Hi Ron,
this is my first post and I’m new to SH. I have managed to copy your great code and made a device handler. I can confirm the Fibaro button, when pressed, is recorded in the activity log and I see it in my iphone app. but I cannot get it to show in my IFTTT list of sensors to be authorsed. now that I have it added to the iphone app how do I get the pressed to do anything like tun on wemo. is there a Smart app. any help would be very much appricated. Steve

@HomeAuto Glad you found the code helpful. Your questions are not really related to the DH but rather how to interconnect various home automation tools. I am not an expert in IFTTT although I do use it to a limited extent. I have no experience with WeMo so I am no help there. I am pretty sure IFTTT only works with switches and buttons are not switches. They are momentary not state based. So I think you need to create some virtual switches and let the button presses toggle the switches and then use the switches in IFTTT. It’s complicated to setup and there are many options on how to do this. I don’t use CORE but a lot of people do use it here so you might just want to start a new thread asking how to get buttons to act on IFTTT and see what others are doing.

Hi Ron,

thank you for coming back so quickly. all I’m looking to do is have a panic type button the the side of the bed. I noticed you have a tried a few out. can you recommend any that I can easily integrate with ST? install and forget not mess with custom drivers etc? Many thanks Steve

Checkout Flic https://flic.io
They connect to your phone via bluetooth, work with IFTTT very well. I have one by my bedside to control my Hue Lights as well as a few others. They are currently developing a Hub to allow the buttons to work without the phone. I have created my own hub using a Raspberry Pi3 but that’s advanced and was difficult to do.

Also check out this thread.

I don’t like the Fibaro Buttons because they have a major design flaw that makes them stop working after a small amount of usage. I have reported this issue to the manufacturer and have been told they are working on a redesign to address the flaw, I am supposed to get a test copy of the device when they are released so I will report back if the new design has addressed the issue or not.

I recently purchased this button which is actually 4 buttons. I like it a lot and it has been working very well for me.

Aeotech makes great devices. I have their minimote which has 4 buttons and it works great. They make a panic button which seems perfect for what you are looking for. I don’t own one and have never tested. So can’t really say but I would bet they work well.

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Hi Ron

thanks for the advice.


So I just received my fibaro button and I added your code to my device handlers page

now do I go and look for the button in “add a thing” or do i add the device manually?

I tried adding the device manually but I don’t think it’s syncing with my button

please help me with the steps after I successfully add the device handler
I have two buttons

@Khaled_Qari Check out this thread.

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I know those basics but still couldn’t add

Is it for a specific region, US, UK
Or it works either way

Since you provide no details at all about what you tried and what is not working I really don’t see how anyone can help you. That is why I provided the link with the basics.

Your original question seems to imply you don’t know the basics because you ask “now do I go and look for the button in “add a thing” or do i add the device manually?”

If you understood the basics you wouldn’t ask this. To answer your question, you include the device then find the device in your ide and change the DH to the newly added DH version.

If include isn’t working try excluding first. Then include. That usually fixes issues with devices no including.

I installed this DH in IDE and it is looking good, also in the app.
Only thing is, the configure button does not work. The code tells me I could press the button 4 times and then tap the configure button. But that also doesn’t do anything.

Do I miss something? Of does anybody know why I can not configure the button?

Kind regards,