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I would really like to see integration for TP-Link.

I use TP-Link’s Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring. I also use their Wall Switch. Some sort of integration would be fantastic.

Hope so! That post was back in September. I can’t see the discussion point
where it mentions that tp-link is in the pipeline but I’m still crossing my

Hopefully the timeline is in the nearer future.

Wayne-Dalton WDHA-12 so you can control devices and scenes from built in Homelink in cars

Fibaro Button

This works with SmartThings now with the community – created device type handler. There are number of community members using it. However, the device is been frustrating for many people as it goes to sleep if you haven’t used it for a while so you may have to use a double tap instead of a single tap to wake it up again.

You can also look at similar devices in the buttons and remotes FAQ:

Thanks. I’ll check it out.:grinning:

How about a simple, battery powered device that can be put into an existing window blind to allow automation of opening and closing the blind slats.

This would be the ultimate item for the appearance of being at home, even when you’re not.

It has a standard ZigBee OnOff cluster, which means you can assign a generic ZigBee Switch device handler to use it.

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@CHallMD I am working on a AirScape device and am almost done. Will keep you updated when I am finished.

That’s great, Tim! Thanks for letting me know!

Willing to test it out for me when it is done?

Sure - that’d be great!

Is anyone looking at this?

Not that I’ve heard of at all.
If I were a coder, I would do it.
Maybe someday if I ever get some coding capabilities downloaded into my brain.

I’m just digging into this…I haven’t coded since college, but I’m looking to make a device handler for the AirScape WHF (Gen 2.0 controls). I’d be willing to test or help (I think I may be over my head to code, but we’ll see! :slight_smile:)

How about a comparison between tado, sensibo and airpatrol - ? Anyone have any differences besides price?

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before somewhere, but I recently received my Lockitron Bolt + Bridge and would love to get support for this device on SmartThings.

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The devices I would like to see supported and working on Samsung’s smart hub. Ecobee tstat, Rain machine (irrigation system), zmodo geek doorbell wifi camera, zmodo IP Cam, zwave GE lighting (dimmers, switches), Honeywell devices (sensor, zwave devices). The reason why? In this day an age we are always talking about smart things and how it can make our lives easier, more convenient, etc, I completely agree, however you have so many devices out there with different protocols and such it really makes it hard to have a hub for each and every item. I would love to see all the smart devices have the option to connect to one central hub (not 3), and yes I would understand if for remote access purposes you need to add your passwords to the hub the 1st time of setup, and then from there just have 1 login (the hub- where all the magic happens), I would buy this kind of device in a heartbeat, this would truly be a smart hub. Samsung has very intelligent people there, I believe this is an achievable goal, don’t you?

Is there a DH for Netatmo Welcome Camera ??
Have nobody integrated the Welcome camera into ST?

The possibility to turn on specific lights depending who is coming home.
And make ST+Sonos speak the name for each person that comes home.

Is it possible to make IFTTT trigger an action that can turn on a switch.