[OBSOLETE] Fibaro button

current version: 0.9.1 - 22/01/2017

This is a device handler for the fibaro button device. The device is a simple button that can be used to control many things based on being clicked once, twice, three times, four times, five times or held down.

Install the device handler as normal in the IDE.

Registering Clicks
The device handler uses ST’s numberOfButtons attribute so should be recognised as a 5 button device in most ST made apps, if not it will default to 4… which isnt so bad. Just use each button number in place of the number of clicks that you want to use. For e.g. button 3 pressed = Fibaro button clicked 3 times

Special integration with CoRE
I have made a special integration with CoRE, so that you can use this device to it’s full potential. See below, it should be self explanatory:

device handler below, enjoy!:


Brilliant advert for this button.

I have to get one now to review, a) because of the cool ad and b) because the ST community have already jumped on it and enabled an app. Great work.

Anyone know of a US online retailer selling these? Couldn’t find on Amazon??

This is exactly what I am looking for. I wanted a simple large button to push for one specific reason. In the middle of the night press the button and for 10 minutes it would:

  1. disable back door sensor
  2. turn light level to 10%
  3. turn back porch light on
  4. after 10 minutes turn lights off, and re-enable back door sensor

All of this just we can let the dogs out in the middle of the night without stepping on toys setting off alarm, or tripping to our doom.
Can’t quite get wife to agree to the $450 autoslide door opener… go figure.
Just sitting here I can think of a million uses. Now if we can just find some to buy.

There is also the bttn if you like big buttons!

can be integrated with IFTTT (slight delay)

Great work on this one @AdamV
Have a question, do you get battery level on yours?
I have two buttons, and none of them is reporting battery.
Got an EU modell, if there is a difference.


My Button’s stopped working altogether - and I havent been bothered to return it. However when it was working I was getting the battery

Hehe, typical :slight_smile:
Thank you for answering anyways.


Just got a couple of Fibaro Buttons (Smartesthouse), and thanks to AdamV, they now run great.

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Not sure if I have a bad button or not, but I only get the click event maybe once out of 50 clicks. Every time I click though, I do get a WakeUp and Battery event.

 368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:50 PM: debug Button Woke Up! v2
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:50 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:50 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:49 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:48 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:47 PM: debug Button Woke Up! v2
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:47 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:46 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:43 PM: debug Button Woke Up! v2
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:43 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:32 PM: debug Button Woke Up! v2
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:32 PM: debug Battery: 100
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:28 PM: debug Button Woke Up! v2
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:28 PM: debug Battery: 100 

But occasionally, I do get an actual click.

368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:09 PM: debug Button was pushed once
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:08 PM: debug payload: [1, 128, 1]
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:08 PM: debug sequenceNumber: 1
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:08 PM: debug sceneNumber: 1
368cc644-6070-4eee-a28d-1a79a256031a 2:54:08 PM: debug keyAttributes: 0 

Long-press does always work.

I have the exact same issue - if you contact fibaro they will replace them.

I couldn’t be bothered to send them back in the end but they must know about the issue

I want to thank you for taking the time with this Handler. I was curious how to configure it. I’m in core and I don’t see anything mentioned button clicks but just presses. I’m sure I have something wrong but I was wondering if you had any thoughts. Thank you!

Just installed my big red Fibaro button.
Big thanks to AdamV for writing the device handler. I Installed v0.9.0 of the DH
Created a Routine in the ST app.
I can configure the routine to run on 1-click, 2-clicks, 3-clicks, 4-click, 5-clicks and it works perfectly:grinning:

But no way of configuring the routine to run on a press&hold event.
Am I missing something?

I seem to be having an opposite problem of someone else who posted here.

I just installed 0.9.0 and setup the button to use this driver.

I go into CoRE and select the button I don’t get the screens shown above. I get an option for pressed or held, but no button 1, button 2, etc…


OK, so I gather from the posts here that I’m supposed to hit Configure under the button entry itself…

Problem is, no matter how many times I click configure, NOTHING happens…


If it helps, I checked the activity log and see this every time I click configure:

7:12:49 PM: debug Resetting Sensor Parameters to SmartThings Compatible Defaults
7:12:48 PM: debug Resetting Sensor Parameters to SmartThings Compatible Defaults
7:12:32 PM: debug Resetting Sensor Parameters to SmartThings Compatible Defaults
7:12:23 PM: debug Resetting Sensor Parameters to SmartThings Compatible Defaults

So I thought I was having the same problem as you in only one button showing up but its working fine its just confusing. The button will only show up as one device but when you set up a routine and then select the button as a trigger you will get a secondary selection that is labeled “Button Number”. I was originally thinking this device would show up as multiple devices but that is not the case. The configure button in the device page does not do anything other than set some default settings and print out that message to the log.

Just picked up a Blue Fibaro Button and it is working great with dh from @AdamV

Adam where did you get the configuration parameters from? Did you find the command class documentation for this device ?

I notice you are configuring param 1=127, 3=7, and 30=16 so I was curious what these are setting.

So far my battery level isn’t reporting but I just installed so perhaps it just hasn’t reported yet. I don’t see a battery get call in the config so it makes sense that I would have to wait for the Fibaro to report on it’s own.

Edit: I found the config param documentation here http://manuals.fibaro.com/button/

But I can’t figure out how the Wake up interval (battery mode) is set. I think the default of 0 is fine for never auto wake but the documentation starts with this config setting without listing the parameter number to set it so I was just wondering how it’s set in ST.
Honestly I don’t understand what “Wake Up” means since it says it can be done manually by pressing 4 times. Wouldn’t 1 press wake the device so it can send the button press?

From memory I believe you have to put the button into a mode where it will accept the configuration. I think this is by pressing the button 6 times. Then hit configure. Then the configuration should be accepted

FYI everyone - I’ve fixed the CoRE integration that broke after a platform update a while ago… not that anyone seemed to have noticed!! anyway if you are using your button with CoRE the custom events should now work if you update to 0.9.1

AdamV, Thankyou for putting this together but I am sure you knew this was coming… I am lost. This is my first device that I am adding that isn’t on the “approved List” and I have added the code to the IDE and have followed all the steps I can find online to try and set this up but for some reason I cant seem to get the screen shots above. ( I am new to all of this and any help would be appreciated)

I do have the device added and I went in and set it as the Fibaro button under the device list but now I am lost on how to select it to create scenes. I want to make 1 push goodnight mode and shut off all the lights and lock the door( Standard) and then add some other stuff to it as I will place the button by the bed.

Not sure where to go once I have the button added and how to create scenes In CoRE using the button.

I figured out how to turn on all of my lights and turn them off using CoRE… but my question now is it supposed to be a few min in between the button presses before anything happens? I push the button and lights go off then I press and hold after the scene is complete and nothing… but if I wait 3-4min it will complete the activity… I am worried about using the 2 push thing in fear of freaking out the neighbors haha

OK just to confirm - you have added the devices and configured it?

So these are the steps you need to have done:

  1. pair the device with smartthings as normal
  2. add the code to the IDE
  3. change the DTH of the device to the dth for the code you just put in the IDE
  4. configure the device by pressing the button six times in quick succession and then hitting configure in the device app page. You may need to do this step a few time befre it actually works - it is very fiddley
  5. You can then use the button with smart lighting, CoRE or Rule machine or most other apps.
  6. To make a rule in smartlighting say: push onnce to turn on lights. Set the trigger as button 1 pressed.
  7. If you want to do more advanced rules in CoRE then once you have selected your button, change the attribute to “ButtonCicks” and then choose the correct option.

Any lag / delay is due to either Smartthings being slow, your internet connection being slow, or the button being rubbish. To be perfectly honest as I mentioned somewhere else in the forum I do not use the Fibaro button as I found it to be too unreliable.

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