Fibaro Button UK FGPB-101-1 ZW5 v3.2

(Nuno Iglesias) #1


I’m trying to use the Fibaro Button, but without success!

I have use all the device handlers, that i have found in this webpage, but i can’t get it to work.

The smart hub V2, detects the button, and i can configure until 5 scenes, but wend i press the button, nothing happens.

Can some one help, me PLEASE??


(Robin) #2

I was having the same problems… damn thing kept going to sleep and wasn’t responding to the first couple of button presses… I sent mine back for a refund!

The Fibaro Key Fob is much better and has more button presses available.

And I’m getting fond of the dirt cheap Xiaomi buttons, but they only have a single press response.