New Device - Fibaro Keyfob - 24 actions

Might be of interest to some of you!

Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption
Battery powered and completely wireless
Equipped with 6 easily recognizable buttons
30 different actions, single/double/triple click, hold for each button and sequences
Easy to operate menu
Confirmed Actions by the built-in LED diode
Z-Wave Plus Certified

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Definitely interesting! :sunglasses:

It’s been certified for both the US and the UK, but so far I’ve only seen sales listings on the UK sites.

It will certainly need custom code as it has single click, double-click, triple click, and long hold for each of the buttons, plus multibutton sequences and it’s doing it through a combination of Central scenes (12) and zwave Association groups (13!).

Because of the use of association groups, I don’t think the multibutton sequences are going to be available to the smartthings hub. That will limit them to being used with other Z wave devices within one hop.

It does have a separate button released attribute, which is good.

But unless I’m reading this wrong, when used as a SmartThings button controller you may be limited to only two actions per button because there are six buttons and 12 Central scene codes. So 12 instead of 30.

But I haven’t looked at it really closely, maybe I’m wrong and you can send 30 central scene codes, or there’s a separate attribute byte.

Here’s the manual:

Tagging a few people who have previously worked with central scene command devices and might find this one interesting. :sunglasses:

@AdamV @Richard_Woodward @Darwin @erocm1231


Yeah, I got this in my inbox this morning. Love new button devices. If I am lucky I might be able to get a hold of one. Although, there may be a delay in US availability as usually happens with Fibaro devices.


BTW, this thing is tiny– it’s shorter than their contact sensor.

It sure looks interesting but the price is pretty insane, but is in line with typical Fibaro pricing. I wonder if they plan on doing one in black, white doesn’t work well on my keychain. What I really do like about this one though over my current $19 key fob

which totally makes it worth it, is that with the multi press feature minimizes false trigger actions. For example on my current key fob I have one of the buttons DISARM the system. It is easy to accidentally press the wrong button and execute the wrong action.

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UK pricing, it’s 12% more than a minimote, but supports more scenes. It’s also just about the same price as the Octan and the Remotec ZRC-90.

We’ll have to see what it ends up selling for in the US, but I don’t think it’s particularly out of line.

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Anyone found a working Device handler for it yet?
Tried different ones with no luck so far.

Did you ever get one of these? Tried different DH to get some functions working, but no go.

I just ordered one. I’m completely new to DTH programming, Groovy and SmartThings platform but I’m reading through the API in my spare time and If no one else will attempt it I probably will. Just don’t count on me doing it fast (I hope getting the 6 buttons working shouldn’t be too complicated but I would like to get more than that working)

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Unfortunately, I don’t think they have a North America version of this yet.

Progress report: got my remote today, the box was smashed (someone stepped on it) but the remote survived with no scratch.

Thanks to DTH for Fibaro 223 Dual Relay by @erocm1231 I was able to quickly wrap my head around secure Encapsulation, sending configuration (which you have to press combination of keys on remote for it to receive it - that took some time debugging :smiley: ) etc.

Right now I’ve got 24 buttons working (double, tipple presses as separate buttons etc). Only negative is that enabling double and triple presses introduces a 0.5 sec delay on first and second press (due to remote waiting for next press, as pointed out by Fibro manual).

Button sequences also should work as soon as I program them into remote. You can have 6 of them (sequences of 2 to 5 buttons) for a total of 30 functions/buttons in 1 remote. I’m planning to make a separate tile for each one (and also custom icons because why the hell not) - DTH interface will look retarded :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m new to the platform so it takes me longer than it would someone more experienced. For example I spent some time wondering why they did not work in CORE until I noticed I selected off() insetead od on() for the relay I was using for testing :smiley:

I hope I will have something more to show tomorrow. Right now it looks like that:


First very early, incomplete (functionality is there, code needs cleanup also not all Icons are there, and those that are are not that good :stuck_out_tongue: ) and probably broken version is here:

[EDIT] forgot to mention: For the remote to receive the configuration you have to wake it up pressing Circle and Plus buttons at the same time, ether right before or right after clicking Done on configuration page or clicking the configure button. Also battery readout does not work :stuck_out_tongue:


All 30 actions should work, I haven’t tested the Lock feature ( you can lock the remote so that it requires a combination of keys to activate - you can read more in Fibaro manual: )

Also because the remote sends both Held and Released events I implemented the “Hold” Function both as buttons and as Switches so you can easily use it for momentary light (on while holding, off after release) etc

For now I got 1 push and hold working.
Looks great, will look some more at it tomorow.
Great work!!!

It’s normal behavior for it out of the box. By default it only sends events for single press and hold/release. You have to configure the button modes in the settings to “1,2,3 Clicks & Hold” for full functionality. Just remember after you click “Done” you have to wake the remote by pressing Circle and Plus buttons at the same time (it will flash couple times). You can also retry sending the configuration by pressing the “Configure” button right before or right after you press Circle and Plus. After that try the buttons again :slight_smile:

I already have ideas for improving the DTH and will probably commit a new version during the weekend.

Did this and gave all buttons, 1,2,3 pushed as innput.
But then i only got #1 pushed, even if I pushed first button several times.
I know it was updated, because it updated the battery level at the same time.
But like I mentioned, I will try more tonight.
It was close to midnight in Norway :slight_smile:
Like the way you solved GUI on DH btw.

I takes few sec to send all the configuration (I recommend waiting 5sec after doing Configure -> Circle+Plus) you can check the Live Logging as it should log all the setting from the remote - watch out for parameters 21 to 26 they should report the value of 15 if configured properly for “1,2,3 Clicks & Hold” :wink:

Will report tonight :slight_smile:

Any chance this could work as a presence sensor?

Don’t think so, from what I can tell the device sleeps and does not transmit/receive if not explicitly woken up by pressing a button.