Does Smartthings Integrate with the Ring Video Doorbell 2

(JP) #1

Hello everyone,

I can see that Smartthings integrates with the original Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell Pro. My question is whether or not Smartthings integates with the Ring Video Doorbell 2, because of the enhanced features like 1080p?

(Arn B) #2

Yes it works, but the video does not function in ST
Check out this thread

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yes it does

( #4

i have ring doorbell 2. change device handler to pro

(Arn B) #5

Not working for me with Pro DTH. I also get “device is unavailable message”
Doorbell is connected through a Chime Pro device and workis in Ring phone app

( #6

mine use to look like that, than 2-3 weeks later changed to normal.
this is IDE screen

and Data and States

(Arn B) #7

Similar setup. However my device is a V3 not a V4

(Chris Irwin) #8

I have a Ring 2 doorbell, and found I could successfully install the Ring smartapp by adding a device manually and selecting it from the Doorbell section. It does not display video though. I see one comment suggesting one needs to use the pro version so I installed that instead, but it still doesn’t show video. Has anyone got any ideas on how to make the video work please? Also I can’t see how to make ST generate an alert when the doorbell rings or when motion is detected, which is what I would like to achieve.

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After you manually asign Pro device handler, close your classic app (force stop), and clear your smartthings classic app cache, and it will show up immediately.


I would like to try this, how do you clear the cache on the iPhone please ? I have tried turning phone on and off but still can’t get it to show the video feed.