ST and Ring Video Doorbell (for 2020 Release) unable to set up

I am unable to get my Ring Video Doorbell (for 2020 Release) to connect to ST. I have tried setting it up as v1, v3 and Pro and have removed the SmartApp that gets set up each time before trying. I keep getting the error that there is no supported device found. Any help with this? Thanks Jay

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Unfortunately you’re probably stuck until ring releases the new version of their integration. Hopefully the new version will support all of their cameras instead of only the older models.

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Thanks. That really stinks but it is what it is. As I read all the posts there are so many with the same issue. Shame they do not respond to customer concerns.

I recently purchased Ring Doorbell 3 and was able to connect it to SmartThings, but the integration is done very poorly. First of all, it’s not recognized as a camera device, so you cannot add it to a camera group or start recording in automation rules. You can however view live camera footage and take snapshots manually when you open device details. Weirdly, the still image always appears upside down, although live footage looks normal. The Ring Doorbell is treated by SmartThings as a motion sensor and a button, so you can only use these in your automations. Very disappointing.

I also purchased Ring Spotlight camera hoping to replace my aging Arlo 2, but unfortunately I was not able to add it to SmartThings, although it’s listed as “supported” device. Once again, SmartThings does not fail to disappoint.

I can understand that Ring is responsible for the integration, but It’s SmartThing’s responsibly to ensure that their supported device list is up to date. If integration does not work, it should be removed from the list.

Any thoughts?


Ring, Lutron, Hue, and a couple of other integrations are in a weird kind of limbo state. The original integrations were done by smartthings staff For the classic app or even the app version before that.

Under the current paradigm, integrations are supposed to be done by the device manufacturer. But not all of these manufacturers have a agreed to take over integrations that they never wrote in the first place and may not have staff trained to do.

This leads us to situations like the 2019 Lutron fan switch. Lutron support says it’s up to smartthings to make it work with the integration, smartthings support says it’s up to Lutron, and it looks like no one is working on it. :disappointed_relieved:

Arlo, which was originally in this group, has stepped up and assigned their own resources and rewritten the integration to work with the new platform. Which looks like it’s going to pull in many more models than the original integration, so that’s good.

But it’s all being done on a company by company basis, and so far, at least publicly, ring has not gotten involved.

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Thanks @JDRoberts, you’re most helpful and up-to-speed, as always, on all SmartThings woes. :+1: I’ve been on SmartThings for over 6 years and the ride is still as bumpy as it was 6 years ago. :sob:

Regardless, the least they could do is to warn users of the broken integrations. I’ve spent hundreds of $$ on new Ring cameras guided by what turned out to be false advertisement on the Works with SmartThings page

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As you can see from the following thread, I’ve given up trying to figure out which ring models work and which don’t. Ring does not appear to use model numbers in a way which is helpful to the end purchaser, there are firmware distinctions, and smartthings support just tells you to ask ring. :scream:

2020 Rundown: Ring Products and new V3 App?

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Greetings to RING and Samsung. Concerning RING Doorbell 2020 compatibility with SmartThings, just fix it already!

Would still love to see an update here!