Ring Doorbell Pro live video no longer working in Smartthings App

What happened to the Ring Doorbell Pro live video feed (its no longer working) in the most recent Smartthings <Android and IOS) app. Motion detection still works but the video stream no longer works. Tried uninstall and re-install with no avail. Anyone/Everyone else having this issue?

I also noticed that Ring(Connect) no longer exists…with the new Smartthings App (compared to the old Classic app that has this app).

Ring (connect) should be in menu > settings > linked services

Where are you finding “menu > settings > linked services” in the new Smartthings App? I am not finding this anywere. Also, my account is linked fine as motion automation between Ring and ST is working just fine. I see others are complaining the Ring Doorbell Pro live video is no longer working in their new ST app after recent update as well.

Menu is the three bars in the upper left of the screen
Settings is the cog wheel at the top

Ok. Thanks found it. But still doesn’t work. Unlinked and Re-linked and Motion still works fine but no live video. I still see many indicating same problem with recent ST app update on both this community (in other threads) as well as Ring forums and Reddit forums.

@jkp Do you have a Ring Door Bell Pro and is live video working in the new ST app?

Mine is connected and working properly.

You are lucky. After doing a second delete of Ring Doorbell, now ST app won’t even let me add it back again. It greys out the “Done” Selection so I can’t even apply it any more. I see others are having the same issue in other external forums conversations.

Try removing the integration. Left swipe on the integration

Did all that. Re added…as it takes several tries to get ST app to let you re-add (what a pain in the a). No video still. Motion and automation all works fine. Again, I’m not the only one having this issue as read in many recent posts on Ring Forum (with Ring responding saying there is a valid ST problem and its been reported) and Reddit forum. Getting real tired of the reliabilty of ST.

Report the issue from the ST app, you might get lucky and it will be fixed sooner…

Having same issue. Was this fixed?