[DEPRECIATED] [Beta] Samsung Audio including TTS with Voices

This thread is being retired. Too much of the information below no longer applies to the final product.

The final product link in SmartThings is


I tried to install this with my HW-K850 soundbar but the device in smartthings goes from pauses to playing to inactive but it doesn’t seem to control the device. I’m not sure what’s going on, but was hopeful this would finally get the soundbar and smartthings to play nice.

It probably should work. Several items.

1. Check that you have set up the IP address in settings correctly.  Should format "nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn " (example:  "".
2. Make sure that the soundbar WiFi if connected by opening the Multiroom App and controlling the soundbar.
3. In your Browser, enter the below string in the address bar where [IP] is the IP address of your soundbar. (I have used this on my Windows PC (using Edge and Firefox)  and Samsung SmartPhone browser, so, it should work.)


The expected results are a fairly fast (<2 second) response as below, where
FUNCTION is the source of the signal (optical, bt, wifi, hdmi, aux) (note that TV(ARC) is optical)
The remaining data is dependent on the source.


(Example: CurrentFunc1.0192.168.1.113opticalon is my speaker on TV(ARC).

If this works, then we will go to next steps.

Other functions to amaze your friends - via your address bar:

Mute the volume:
observe: the soundbar displays “MUTE”


Off (while playing)
http://[IP]:55001/ UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetPowerStatus%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22dec%22%20name=%22powerstatus%22%20val=%220%22/%3E

On (while off)
observe: soundbar displays current source

the first command does show the proper input when I test it, but none of the other commands seem to work.

The text editor did me in. It took out parts of the original text. I will update (aSAP) the original response with the proper strings. I should have checked more carefully!

PS: This may not fix problem… DO YOU HAVE other wifi speakers in a group with your soundbar. If so, I need some information to code a fix. It will be four (4) commands with their returns sent to me so I will know how to parse the return from the speaker. IF SO SEE NEXT MESSAGE.

@Gutheinz, are you looking specifically for Soundbars grouped with speakers, or will speakers grouped help. I have 4 R1s, happy to help if you like?

First a question. Do volume and mute work for you on your speaker? Is your speaker connected in a group? If so, does the volume and mute control other speakers?

Other than that, please have at it. It should take about 5 minutes with the speaker running and will be helpful information. Eventually, I want to extend this to multi-speaker through a smartapp (to generate/manage groups).

I have two in a group. Volume works, but only on the speaker I’m controlling (using the DTH).
As is the same for Mute.

I’ll let them play for a while and run the commands.

I have a HW-K850 soundbar and 2 R5’s grouped together. When i change the volume/mute my tv or use my soundbar remote it does change the volume/mute on all 3 devices (soundbar and both R5). also, when i change the volume on my R5’s the other R5 and soundbar sync up.

This looks awesome! when I get home tonight i will have to get this device handler and test it out.

@Gutheinz, heres the output.

1st Command

2nd Command

3rd Command

Thank you.

Is the post relative to the installed device handler or your some other device handler. I need to verify. I am working on updating the device handler to accommodate grouped speaker control. Was not explicitly designed in this first version (baby steps and I only have the soundbar).

Yes, I’m using the DTH to control them

sorry for the late reply. my setup only consists of a single HW-K850 soundbar.

Yours should work. Do not know the problem at this time. Do you see any errors in the error logs? It would be nice to some commands while logging and provide log.

Good information. I am getting two additional speakers on Wednesday and will install and wire-shark from my laptop. That should get me the exact commands to control the multiple speaker mute and volume.

That would be very cool. I’ve seen the commands for the grouping, although havent seen anything related to the volume slider for when they are grouped, now that would be awesome. But i guess actually doing the grouping would be extremely difficult through the DTH? Wish I had the skills to do what your doing!! :slight_smile:

i can try to do this when I get home, where would I find the error logs?

DTH handler will never work for grouping. Later, a Service Manager should be able to create basic group(s).

Skills. Do not take many. I am a 69 year old retiree. Did my first major ever programming starting this January to integrate my TP-Link bulbs and switches into SmartThings. Skill is made up by pure time to play. Keeps me alert!


Log onto the IDE, (same as for installation). Thee is a section at top 'live logging". After doing logging, choose your speaker from the list at the top of the logging window. Copy the logs and paste here. (I do not generate a lot of debug logs, just event and error logs, so it should not be too cumbersome.) While logging, try:

on and off
volume change
mute on and off