(Release) Samsung Multiroom Speaker Integration (Unofficial)

This is the Released version of a Samsung Multiroom Integration supporting the following functions:
a. Speaker and Soundbar control functions (input source, power, preset equalizers, etc.)
b. Music control functions (standard capabilities plus shuffle / repeat modes)
c. Presets based on the Multiroom App channel player stations.
d. Group presets
e. Audio Notification plus direct text to speech with user defined voices.

ONLY VERIFIED TO RUN ON THE SmartThings Classic APPLICATION. This has not yet been tested/confirmed to work with the new SmartThings App.

This integration has been designed to work with speakers compatible with the Samsung Multiroom application. Testing was on the R1 speakers and an MS650 soundbar.




I have installed the Smart App and the Device Handler, per your instructions, and added the Smart App from the Marketplace. I have a brand new R1 that I bought today, and it didn’t find it during the default Smartthings discovery, nor through your Smart App.

Continuing with the in-app directions, I went ahead and clicked done and got the green banner. I then went to Automation and your Smart App, and tried to discover again. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and it never found my R1.

Any suggestions?

You confused the system. Either use the Marketplace install or mine. Not both.

My guess is if you look at devices, you will find your R1 using the LAN SamsungAudio device handler.

Other possibility, I assume you completed the install of the speaker using the Samsung Multirokm App. That is required to get speaker LAN connection.

I verified from the app, and from the My Devices section in the API Portal, that the device did not exist. I then rebooted the phone and the hub, and tried again with just your app. It worked. shrug I guess ST is just being odd today…

Just another day in the Cloud!

Glad it worked!!!


I am rather new to this, and it might be of topic, but I will have a shot at it anyway. I have a couple of Samsung multiroom speakers (R3/R1). What I would like to do is to ask Google home to play a song or playlist on the speakers. Will that work, or what do I need to do to make it work?

There may be a way if you can connect the Samsung Speaker to google via bluetooth. Then anything you play from google will play on that speaker. If you then group the Samsung Speakers, the audio would play as a group.

Again, I have not tried this, so ???

If you are trying to play a preset (created through this app) on the speaker, then, It may be possible using SmartThings apps and device handlers. I have not tried this yet.

Ok, thanks for the reply. Doesn’t seem to be an out of the box experience. Even though I like the R1/R3 speakers they don’t seem to be that flexible when it comes to connectivity with other things. Perhaps no speakers are.

Again, thanks


You cannot group the speakers on bluetooth. That only works with WIFI.

Interesting note. I have a soundbar and 2 R1s. Using the soundbar as the “Main” speaker, I can group (either normal or surround group) while in “optical” submode. BUT, the MAIN has to be the audio source.

I will check locally with 1 R1 on bluetooth and using that as main.

Hi David,

Nice work with this, just wondering if we should be able to power sound bars(HW750) off and on with this handler? I have it all setup using your handler and the event log shows the on/off command being sent but the SB doesnt respond.

May not work with the HW750.

Need: Exact model (i.e., HW-MS750 or …), and the Firmware version for the soundbar (you can get this in the Multiroom App).

Explanation. There are at least two different sets of Firmware.
a. Radiant Speaker firmware for the Radiant Speakers and (I assumed) older soundbars). Has no on/off command.
b. Sound Plus firmware for the HW-MS series of speakers (called Sound Plus). Has an on/off command (and still works on mine).

Impact. Really, none. The on/off command just forces the S/B into standby. It will do that automatically in 15 minutes if no active input. I will probably change the implementation in the future to send a STOP command to the soundbar (to cease external streaming).

Hi Dave,

Model @ Version (Multiroom app) = HW-H750WWB-3117.2/1003.3R
F/W Version from port 8001 of the speakers IP states = FIRMWAREVERSION - 3.8.13

Usage - I have the soundbar connected to an LG TV and the HDMI-ARC function to turn the soundbar on doesnt pass through. The LG will turn the soundbar off happily via ARC, so I was intending to use Google home to send the on command via ST.

Do you think that model and firmware should support the ON command?

No, it should not support on/off command to device. for your speaker, this code sends a pause and stop command to the speaker and (depending on mode) the speaker will respond to one of those 2 commands to stop streaming playback. If the TV is active, both commands will be ignored.

Again, I will probably remove on-off in next version.

Is there a simpler set of instructions for this? I can’t progress past step 5 as the preferences it mentions aren’t in the old or new ST app, nor are they in the multi-room speaker app either? I fear there may be yet another Samsung app to download? They really have to steamline this process, a home hub system shouldn’t need so many separate apps.

No simpler set of instruction. The preferences page is on the phone device preferences page (not app). I will correct when I get time.

I have multiple R1 speakers and I’ve had the idiotic ‘volume creep’ issue with SmartThings since I bought them. I’m going to try out your DTH in hopes that the issue will go away.

hopefully. Part of the problem may be in how we (everyone) calculates volume for grouped speakers. I am willing to work with you if I can see the symptoms (currently not available, but should be in a week or so (I need to be at home to handle).


Dumb question, but is this meant to work with the Samsung Radiant360 R1 Speaker? I applied to custom device handler and now the speaker doesn’t respond to any input from the app?! Did I do something wrong?