Samsung Soundbar K650 and KS8500 integration

  1. KS8500 is a TV (correct)? A lot of the devices do not get detected in the official integration.
  2. K650 - That is the limit you will get with the official integration.

I am working on an unofficial WiFi speaker/soundbar integration (link below). It does not (today) support your soundbr; however, it is a 10 minute job to add your soundbar to the mix in the Beta version.

If you are interested, need the following answered:
A. can you control the soundbar through the Multiroom app?
B. what input sources are native to the soundbar?

Get back in touch!

(Currently, the Beta version provides basic control plus capturing stations played on the Multiroom App as Presets. Thereafter, you just press the preset. Future will add group presets (set up on Multi-room app once, the device handler will remember.)

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