DEPRECIATED. Samsung WiFi Soundbar Device Handler - new development

This is overcome by events. I have completed a Soundbar Device Handler. See

I have a Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar which has WiFi capability and is controlled through the Samsung Multiroom App. Sadly, SmartThings does not support this new model in their native multiroom installation. So, I want to write my own device handler for basic control of the single device.

Current Status: Device Handler is almost complete. I can control the speaker functions and music playback control. Currently adding presets to allow selection of CP channels for playback. Current Expectations (based on experimentation):
Amazon Prime: from personal playlists (My Music)
TuneIn: one of the three presets
iHeartRadio: Songs in the favorites
Pandora: Songs from list on main page.
Spotify: NO SUPPORT. The Speaker can not control Spotify, Spotify can control the speaker.

When I get these done, I will do the first release for evaluation (beta stage). Hope to add:

Personal dlna players (i.e., local cloud storage, smartphones, computers/laptops).

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There are several examples of this on the community for Sony TVs, Yamaha and Denon receivers, and a wifi based power strip. Here is the denon receiver example:

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Thanks for your response. (Nice code). However, the methods used in the Denon Network AV Receiver (GET and POST) did not work with the Samsung device commands mentioned (and reasonable variants.


Here is another example doing a simple web call:

Thanks. Similar to what I have already tried. I was able to get it to work with node.js on a PC and am trying to translate that experience to SmartThings Hub Action. It is not a straight forward translation since SmartThings does so much for us.

Communications working. Test command (volume) verified. Now to parse the response.

Have u managed to make it work with ST?


Definitely. I am finalizing the code and will reopen this thread when it occurs. Capabilities will include:

select input source
rear level (if you have the rear satellite speakers)
pause/play (for dlna channels)
previous/next (dlna channels)

I have planned and tested presets for wi-fi channels. Requires a one time set-up in the app, then press the preset to play the channel. Known presets will be up to three
TuneIn presets
iHeartRadio favorites
Amazon Prime My Music favorites

Should have out this week. Do you have any channels (i.e., pandora) you want. I will need some info, but could provide test version to check function but won’t be able to test.


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Spotify would be great but integration will be joy.


The only spotify implementation for the speakers is to be able to use the spotify app to control the speaker. No direct speaker app access to spotify.

No problem.
Whatever you manage to get working is great.

Thanks very much

I have finished the soundbar Device Handler. Below is link to topic on this forum. Please provide any comments on that topiic.

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