Samsung Soundbar that can play audio notifications

BTW, my DeviceHandler has the following interface description. The group functions at the bottom will be removable by the user. One issue is that for TTS to work, a speaker still has to have the “official” integration installed (LAN SamsungAudio). This then sends the TTS to that speaker and then RECOVERS to interface to the pre-TTS mode.

Smp_7_ : HW-J7500

Dmr: no response
Rcr: no response
Smp_3_: modelName>HW-J7500</serviceType

Thanks. Will incorporate in code and tell you when available.

No problem, look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Hi, how have you got on with this so far? Anything I can do to further assist?

Just (two minutes ago) finished an update of the code (Device Handler and Soundbar). See the link: {BETA} Samsung Audio including TTS with Voices

Comments and errors appreciated.


Ah that was good timing. I’ll give this a go when home later and report back.

Ok so I just got around to installing this, got as far as the phone app. Upon selecting my speaker and trying to save, it states:

“deviceNetworkId must be unique”

Not sure why it states this

You need to uninstall the original LAN Samsung Audio devices. Then run this package (making sure you are running the version on GitHub now.

Ok Ive got past that section thanks. Section 5 on your install notes states open preferences, though that option is not available within the smart app. It only wants to continue looking for speakers.

Let me get this straight. In step 4, did you see any speakers to select, select them, and then press done? That installs the speakers.

Section 5 - you must be on the details page of the actual device in the phone app.

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That last part was the bit I was missing. Wasnt sure which preferences you meant.

All setup now and API key installed.

Now just need to figure out how to setup voice notifications for doors opening etc and see if the soundbar reverts back to its previous input.

In the GitHub location, I build a TTS Speaker Companion Smart App that can be used to test TTS. Simple to use. Select sound or custom text, select speaker. Save. Press > on smart app to execute. On my R1’s and MS650, the system will resume the previous sound or (MS650) the previous mode (I use HDMI ARC for TV connection).

Ok all setup and running.

Reverts back to previous sound mode 7 out of 10 times.

Changed settings to temporarily increase volume to 80% which creates a weird bug.

Volume starts off much lower, then increases halfway through the message (custom voice message). I changed this too 100% and on the soundbar it stated volume MAX but then quickly reverted to 12.

I ran the automation again and I nearly blew the roof off the house (slight exaggeration)

Ran the automation a third time and again it reverted to volume level 12.

Max digit volume on this soundbar is 50

I will look into sound delay. May be race in smartthings.

I limited soundboard to 60 vice 100 in bar. Virtually no change in perceived vol and it matches speakers better.

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Hi, did you make any further progress on this?

I’ve recent purchased x2 Samsung R3 (WAM3500) speakers, ponder if you’ve experimented with them.

No. R1s only. But R3s should work. Interested to see.

Yep willing to give it a go.

Only concern was audio returning to original playing source.

Have them linked to a sound bar for a surround effect. This is over Sound connect.

Which sound bar are you connected to? Sound Connect may not recover in the default configuration. The design is to return the speaker to the current connection if not wifi. (sound will disconnect TV Sound Connect, connect Wifi, and then send the audio - followed by returning to Sound Connect). Recovery into network is dependent on automation in the Sound Connect function.

If the soundbar is also a Samsung (some models), there may be other ways.

Hi. Smartthings support has directed me to this topic but have not been able to find a solution so hopefully, one of you knowledgeable members maybe able to help. I have a samung QN900A TV and a HW-Q950A soundbar.

My main question is my soundbar has alexa. I have recently purchased a Ring doorbell and have paired up with other Alexa devices. Im aware that you can pair the doorbell up to the tv to get video when pressed but is it possible to somehow link this to my soundbar so that when its pressed, a notification sound will announce?

Thanks ever so much in advance for your help.