[DEPRECIATED] [Beta] Samsung Audio including TTS with Voices

Thinking about presets (for anyone). The current process is onerous and prone to error. Thoughts:

User plays station from the Multiroom app from a defined folder (i.e., “Following” from TuneIn, “Favorites” from iHeartRadio,etc.

Open SmartThings Device Handler and select a “VACANT” preset.

Preset will auto program filling in all of the information.

To delete a preset, play it in the SmartThings device Handler. Press a Delete tile twice (first time it is White - says Delete. Second time Red - say Delete Preset N?. Second press resets the field and makes VACANT.

Good idea? Bad idea?

I’m able to execute the mute and unmute http commands via my web brower. The app won’t do this at all, and I don’t see any kind of live logging being done. The samsung app itself will turn on and off the device and change inputs though. I confirmed the IP address is static, so i’m at a loss as to why this isn’t working.

ps I can’t seem to turn on or off the soundbar with the http commands.

it’s the weirdest thing, if I use the multiroom app to open up pandora and start playing it. The app somewhat works. Pause and play work, volume switching will work but input switching will only switch from wifi to BT and then stop completely. My log is below

8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:17:06 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Volume set to 23
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:16:58 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Volume set to 53
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:16:50 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Play Status is paused
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:16:47 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Play Status is paused
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:15:54 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Play Status is paused
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:15:54 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Device Mute is set to unmuted
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:15:54 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Source = WiFi, Submode = dlna
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:15:52 PM: error Samsung K850 Soundbar ERROR: No Methods Parsed for return CpInfo
8af71b4a-eae9-4072-9905-8240589a954a 7:15:50 PM: info Samsung K850 Soundbar Play Status is paused

Good info. I will work tomorrow.

If those work, then I know the fix. What did the first two command return. I need these to parse and figure how to implement.



are what i am getting for the first two snippets of http code. it’s really odd that some things are working, but the second I press source, it goes to bt and everything stops working

Hi Dave,

Seems I have lost the ability of announcements when using this DTH. Is that a known thing?

What do you use for the announcement Smart App. I will investigate.

Using Big Talker, I changed the DTH back and all was ok again on one speaker.

I’m seeing this error from Big Talker though when this DTH is in use.

14:46:26: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘playTrackAndResume’ is not supported by device 1e2a12ca-6925-4af2-b073-ee4a61cced68 of type ‘Samsung WiFi Soundbar’. Supported commands: [on, off, refresh, play, pause, stop, nextTrack, playTrack, setLevel, mute, previousTrack, unmute, setTrack, resumeTrack, restoreTrack, inactive, toggleRepeat, toggleShuffle, setBass, setLevel, setRear, setTreble, toggleSource, updateDisplay, preset1, preset2, preset3, preset4, preset5, preset6] @ line 2441

Hope it helps? Although I think thats coming from Big Talker rather than your DTH?

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It means I need to implement two commands into the DH. Will take a while, but is on list right behind multi-speaker support and support of HTS systems.

BTW - when BigTalker works, what Device Handler are you using?


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That is understandable. It is entering the command; however, the source is invalid (your system has HDMI 1 and HDMI 2, design based on single HDMI. This will be fixed today - however, source selection will be through preferences (in the SmartThings Ap) as a drop down. You will select from possibilities (and valid for your device).

I a future (follow-on) release, I will probably use the space for HDMI toggle to create an Error Message that will indicate any errors not automatically handled by the DH.


If you get completely bored, some more commands I need run and data returned (using your browser). I need these to be able to determine the speaker type and what inputs are available (these vary by type of speaker/soundbar). First, turn off or pause the soundbar. then, run:


Then run:





http://[IP]:55001UIC?cmd=<name>SpkInGroup</name><p type="str" name="act" val="select"/>

The last one may, or may not, have a response.

thank you so much for all of your hard work. i will make sure i do my best to get this done when I get home.


The Device Handler has been updated to change input source selection. Details are in the original message in this thread. It allows the user to select valid input sources for their device rather than using the toggle (which caused the function to hang on an invalid selection). You can still select invalid sources, but it will not change.

(Note: there are nine sources available, but not all are ever valid for all soundbars. Just too many to handle until I get more information.)

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(the 2nd request took some time to run)

DeviceId0. 40163BB7FE99
(also took some time to run)

the last request took me to a google page.

i hope this helps. i i haven’t had chance to test the new DTH but will try to in a bit and update you on what I see.

Hi Dave

I’m using BigTalker v 2.0, is yours the same?
Also my speakers are R1s as opposed to the sound bar, but from what I see in the DTH most of the commands are supported (apart from equaliser and inputs etc). I’ll try with your update tomorrow.

BTW is your BigTalker set to speak text and resume?

And thanks again for all of this, this is what sorely been missing from the ST integration. :slight_smile:

Sorry forgot to add, when it’s working I’m using the standard LAN DTH from ST (which is really bad on everything else!)

Good info. For the new DH, the big difference for you is hdmi1 and hdmi2. Your device show (in documentation) the following inputs:
optical (HDMI(ARC) or optical, sometimes seen as d.in.)

If all work, great. If problem, tell me.

I used the latest. The commands are specific to playing external audio and will take some research. I note you are using the standard DH. That is what I assume; however, never assume.

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For Big Talker, the two commands to be added to this DH are:


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i tried the new DTH and things sort of started working, for instance I can see what’s playing in pandora now, can fast forward to another song. I believe pause works but there’s a long delay between when i pause and when it actually pauses. Mute behaves similarly. Volumes seems to behave well, good response etc. On off doesn’t function at all, nd input doesn’t seem to allow me to toggle between choices.

my input choices via the samsung app are