Aeotec Siren 6 - Unable to set sounds with edge driver?

So in the new edge-driver beta i found out the Aeotec Siren 6 is also supported.
Got it working and it now runs locally (great!)

Although; now i cant get the sounds to change…

I can use the preset sounds in routines… but it will always play the doorbell tune at home alert/fire detection/leak detection…

What is the corect way to do this? I tried pretty much every button/combination… but the sound stays on the standard doorbell Chime.

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I don’t have the device but it looks like:

  • Set Send sound and volume configuration to false/off.
  • Select the Component name you want to change.
  • Select the Volume.
  • Select the Tone.
  • Set Send sound and volume configuration to true/on.

I don’t think it matters when you set the ‘send’ preference to false, as long as you end up toggling from false to true.

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Yep; got it to work… The trick was in following your steps in “Setting sound and volume off/false” … then changing settings… Then set send sound/volume true/on again…

Edit: It’s not very intuitive… because the logical thing seems to “Just set and forget”…


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The following list still applies, but use the steps discribed above by @orangebucket to set the sounds if using the Edge driver.

  1. Browse - also the main/parent sound control of Siren 6
  2. Tamper - known as sound 2 in the list of controllable devices, this controls the sound/volume played when the vibration sensor or tamper sensor is triggered (when you move the Siren 6 too often).
  3. Button one - determines the sound/volume of button one when pressed, or when Sound 3 is controlled from SmartThings.
  4. Button two - determines the sound/volume of button two when pressed, or when Sound 4 is controlled from SmartThings.
  5. Button three - determines the sound/volume of button three when pressed, or when Sound 5 is controlled from SmartThings.
  6. Environment - determines the sound/volume when Siren 6 receives a environment type z-wave alarm command. (ie. smoke sensors, CO2 sensors, etc)
  7. Security - determines the sound/volume when Siren 6 receives a security type z-wave alarm (ie. motion sensors, door sensors, etc)
  8. Emergency - determines the sound/volume when Siren 6 receives a emergency type z-wave alarm.
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Hi Chris. I would like to give a try for my Aeotec Siren 6 with its Edge Driver … , I had no found any in Aeotec Edge drivers official list, where did you find it ?..and how its still working for you ?

Thanks in advance my friend…!

I believe it’s supported as a Z-Wave Siren in the Beta Edge Driver Channel here;

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Thanks my friend !!

Hi my friend, Im struggling with this, I got paired the siren, assign its Edge driver, doorbell button its working, tamper is working, door open (security) Sound 7 is working within automation when a door is open, but how can I stop it ? for example, I would like to make 2 seconds chime and then sound off, sound still playing until I stop it in the device control in the app. Or how can I turn on Emergency siren because an intrusion but only for 3 minutes ? THANKS !

Perhaps Aeotec should get off their ass and create a specific driver for this device as they have for all other Aeotec devices. The stock driver doesn’t cut it here…the stock dth was far more useful and this device has been crippled. This on top of the fact it is z-wave which is a dying technology are the reasons I won’t recommend Aeotec to anyone.


I have the exact problem as you. Have you solved it?
This is driving me crazy, why the heck did they change this device, its useless now.
If i cant get it to work soon, all my aeotec is going down the trash.
No warranty so i can get my money back on this and it wasnt me who made this useless, it was aeotec.


Hi my friend. I had solve it. With old DTH the handling was very wide and full of options, but with new Edge driver you only can set 8 different sounds in the driver (sound + volume), you can activate or deactivate them in automations. Each sound is handled as a different “device” then activate or deactivate them, also you can use this status in the IF part of automations. So in my case to handle sounds I did something like this:

Example 1:
Automation 1: IF Door X is open THEN Activate SOUND 4
Automation 2: IF SOUND 4 is activated THEN deactivate SOUND 4 2 seconds later.

I know this is not the most beautiful handling but it works, now I got all my old functionality. I hope this help

@Johan_Ostlund We had a similar problem in which we couldn’t get the Siren 6 Sounds to fire off. In brief, each of the sounds had a field set to “null”, rather than “on or off”, so the Siren 6 Device Card would never become fully enabled. Here’s what we did to solve the issue:

I’d imagine this would be because the plugin in the app used to be rather too keen on attributes being non-null and so it became a convention to use so-called ‘synthetic events’ to initialise the attributes. In mid-January these synthetic events were removed from all the stock drivers on a temporary basis. I assume it is because they were making a nuisance of themselves in the migration process. The plugin would seem to have been changed to use ‘This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.’ as a more graceful way of handling the null values until they are populated naturally. Presumably it is considered that any disruption to fresh joins is less damaging than the disruption to migrations. As ever, an explanation of the plot would have helped.

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@orangebucket Thank you so much for that background information! It sure makes more sense as to what we were dealing with in the link referenced in my prior post.

It’s worth noting that the Device Card “did” initiate the “Device hasn’t updated…” pop-up. (see screenshot below). The problem was, after days of trying to refresh the card, it never did initiate and we had to force it alive :slight_smile:

Thanks again !