Aeotec Siren 6 has gone useless

Ill think my Aeotec siren6 has been updated and now its useless.
First of all, i only have 8 different sounds and i cant change what sounds or volume, before i had 30 different sounds and could change volume.
And if i have a automation that a door is opening i want one sound and only one loop, it has worked for over a year, but not now.
If i open the door the siren start to sound but it wont turn off, i have to go in manually and turn it of.
I cant have it like this.
Ive looked if i can choose some other driver but there is only a “Z-Wave Switch” but that is only more useless.
What to do? Iam really annoyed by this.

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You should be able to install the Z-Wave Siren Edge driver from the ST channel and select that as the driver instead.

When you go to the device and then select “driver” what do you see?

The edge driver in fact has limited options, just five preset sounds and 3 volume settings. No option for single beep or cime. I have set routine to make it ‘beep’ by using time delay switch off option but it is hit or miss option.

Not surprising. I’m guessing you were using a custom DTH driver before? I don’t see an official Aeotec one on their page so you might want to reach out to their support to if they have one that’s not published or request one be created.


Yes, it was custom dth earlier. Contacted them but in vain.

Perhaps you can convince one of the developers in the community to pick up the stock driver and enhance it to provide similar capabilities to the DTH.


If the following instructions do not work you can contact Aeotec support at the top of the page

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That post applies to the legacy DTH driver, but not the new architecture Edge driver.

I use “Z-wave Siren”, i can choose “Z-Wave Switch” but that one will not work.

If dont have alarm on, the nr2 sound is on and i can choose what sound and volume when my door sensors are opening.
When i turn on my alarm home on it also use the nr2 sound, that one i want to be different and louder.

This driver is rubbish, its not logic at all.

I want to do “if this door sensor is triggered, then the siren should use this sound and this volume and one loop” Or when alarm is on i want to choose not one loop but loops for 10 minutes or something with 100% volume.

How hard can that be for aeotec to do…


Anyone try this?