[OBSOLETE] Aeotec Siren 6

I won’t be converting the Aeotec Siren 6 DTH into an Edge Driver, but the built-in driver should have some of the functionality.

This is a DTH for the Aeotec Siren 6 (ZW164-A)

IMPORTANT: A lot of the posts in this topic mention that the device is not supported in the new mobile app’s Automations feature and that it requires the Speaker Companion or Smart Lighting SmartApp, but the version released on 9/13/2020 should be fully supported.

Instructions for playing chimes in the new mobile app

  1. Open the device’s settings in the mobile app and change the “Switch On Action” setting to “Do Nothing”.

  2. Go into Automations and create a new one.

  3. Configure the “If” section that will trigger the chime to play.

  4. Select the device from the “Then” > “Control Devices” section and tap next.

  5. If the “Dimmer” option is disabled then change “off” to “on”.

  6. Tap Dimmer and specify a number between 1-10 which will be the sound # that plays when this automation is triggered.


  • Use the slider next to “Play Sound #” to easily listen to the 30 Tone sounds.

  • Play custom chimes in SHM and Speaker Companion by entering the sound number to play as the custom message.

  • Select the device as a Switch in any SmartApp and it will perform the action specified in the settings when turned on.

  • Select the device as a Dimmer and set the level to 1-30 to play the corresponding chime sound.

  • The device can be used as a Siren, Strobe, or Both.


  • Tamper Alarm Volume: Allows you to adjust the volume of the tamper/vibration alarm.

  • Switch On Action: Determines what happens when the switch.on command is executed. (Do Nothing, Play Default Chime, Turn On LED, Turn On Siren, Turn On Strobe, Turn On Siren/Strobe, Play Tone #1 - Play Tone #30)

  • Siren Sound: (Tone #1 - Tone #30)

  • Siren Volume: (Mute, 1% - 100%)

  • Strobe Light Effect: (Off, On, Slow Pulse, Pulse, Fast Pulse, Flash, Strobe)

  • Siren Repeat: (Unlimited, 1 - 250)

  • Siren Repeat Delay: (No Delay, 1 Second - 250 Seconds)

  • Siren Intercept Length: (Play Entire Tone, 1 Second - 250 Seconds)

  • Default Chime Sound: (Tone #1 - Tone #30)

  • Default Chime Volume: (Mute, 1% - 100%)

  • Chime Light Effect: (Off, On, Slow Pulse, Pulse, Fast Pulse, Flash, Strobe)

  • Chime Repeat: (1 - 255)

  • Chime Repeat Delay: (No Delay, 1 Second - 250 Seconds)

  • Chime Intercept Length: (Play Entire Tone, 1 Second - 250 Seconds)


  • Tamper: Reports tamper detected when it detects vibration.

  • Alarm: The commands use the siren settings, but strobe uses volume “mute” and siren uses light effect “off”.

  • Tone: beep() uses chime settings to play sound.

  • Tone, Audio Notification, Speech Synthesis, and Music Player: These commands allow you to specify a soundNumber to play (1-30). Some of the commands have an optional volume parameter and if you specify the volume it will play the chime at that level. These capabilities are somewhat confusing, but it’s the only way I can get the chime functionality to work with the built-in apps to support all 30 sounds.

  • Switch Level: The setLevel command plays the chime using the specified level as the sound number. In the classic mobile app there’s a slider which allows you to easily scroll through all the sounds.

  • Switch: Behavior determined by “Switch On Action” setting. Off command immediately turns off siren and chime.

If you want to use this device with the doorbell button then you need to use my Aeotec Doorbell 6 DTH. That handler has the same functionality as this one, but it also fully supports up to 3 buttons.


thanks for writing this handler. When I attempt to use the siren 6 using your handler, It says “7 pending updates” when i click sync, it says syncing but does nothing. Any idea what the problem is? Device firmware 1.4


my debug reads as this when i hit “sync”
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:09 PM: debug Strobe(#16) = 257 [0, 0, 1, 1]
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:06 PM: debug Tamper Alarm Volume(#17) = 842137603 [50, 50, 0, 3]
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Strobe(#16) from 257 to 257
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Flash(#15) from null to 2570
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Fast Pulse(#14) from null to 1684275200
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Pulse(#13) from null to 1684277256
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Slow Pulse(#12) from null to 2139034644
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING On(#11) from null to 32512
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Off(#10) from null to 10
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug CHANGING Tamper Alarm Volume(#17) from 842137603 to 0
04067e7e-dc03-4a01-bdb1-f0dd5ae9da98 4:54:04 PM: debug configure()…

Sync resends all the configuration parameters, but save just sends the ones that are out of sync so can you save the settings and then post the live logging results?

I wrote the Siren 6 handler against firmware 1.2 and I just checked z-wave alliance and firmware 1.4 has completely different configuration parameters. The configuration parameters are used to turn on/off the siren and play the sounds as chimes so I have no idea if the device with firmware 1.4 is going to work at all with my handler.

The Configuration Parameters are really complex and they’re not in the manual that comes with the device so I most likely won’t be able to fix this handler until I get updated engineering specs.

Thanks for trying. It looks like I have a siren that I cannot use currently. The stock handler just plays some chimes when the alarm triggers. I’ll have to contact the mfg.

I took a closer look at the new configuration parameters and it looks like they completely changed the parameters related to the doorbell buttons, custom light effects, and the tamper volume setting which explains those 7 parameters that aren’t syncing, but I don’t believe they changed anything related to playing the sounds.

In theory, everything else should be working, including changing the siren settings and chime settings…

What happened when you tried playing a chime with my handler?

My contact at Aeotec responded and he wasn’t aware of the firmware changes either. He’s going to get me the updated engineering specs ASAP so if I receive them tomorrow and I receive the new siren tomorrow or Saturday then I should be able to have the handler fixed by the end of the weekend.

Wow! I’m impressed. When I do the chime and or siren nothing happens.

I guess that’s better than the siren turning on and you not being able to turn it off, but I’m not sure why you’d be impressed by that…

They didn’t change the parameter numbers of the parameters that control playing the sounds, but if they’re not working then Aeotec must have changed their behavior and I have no way of knowing what they changed without the updated documentation…

I’ve received the new engineering specs and they removed play control, sound, and volume from those configuration parameters in the latest firmware which is why my handler is unable to play any sounds.

It appears that the only way to play different sounds at different volumes is with the Sound Switch command class which is not supported by SmartThings so I’m going to have to manually build the raw hex commands that get sent to the device.

They also sent me the latest firmware so I hope to have a new version of the Aeotec Siren 6 posted tomorrow and the Aeotec Doorbell 6 handler posted on Sunday.

Aeotec Siren 6 v1.1

I just released a new version of this DTH that should be fully functional with the 1.4 firmware.

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Thank you for this i just bought and installed an Aeotec Siren 6 using your DHT now my question is how can i hear the sounds it can make so i can select the one i like without going to settings assign it to the siren and trigger it?/ (by the time you do that for 30 tones you have forgotten the first one)
the other more important question is how do i make it sound a certain tone if one of my sensors goes off.
I have it set up using Smart Lighting app that when a certain motion sensor gets tripped a light turns a certain color now i want to add the siren to either beep or make a certain sound from its list and i am unable to figure it out on my own LOL

Thank you

Use the slider next to Play Sound.

You can use Speaker Companion or SHM. Select the device as a music device, choose the custom message option, and enter the sound number you want it to play.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.
i suspect that something is not right on my end … When i touch Play Sound # …nothing happens is grayed out …the slider always says 0 and is just a volume when i touch it, it says Siren on top no options there to select the different sounds and than an enlarged slider that slides from 0 to 100 when you X out of it it goes back to 0


That’s the slider that you need to use to play the sounds…

When you close the slider it’s not supposed to do anything because it allows you to play all the sounds while it’s open.

Move it to 1% and it plays sound #1, move it to 2% and it plays sound #2, etc. There are 30 sounds so you can use 1% - 30% to play them all.

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ahaaa thank you got it :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to make this process locally? Right now my siren is listed as operating in the cloud which makes it have that painful lag.

I’m fairly new so perhaps all DTH are forced to be cloud?

Edit: upon further Googling it seems no dth can be run locally and now I see why reddit prefers the pi systems that are fully local. :sob:

No custom DTH can run local, but some of the built-in handlers can with the Lighting SmartApp and Smart Home Monitor.

If I remember correctly, when you configure the siren/strobe settings it stores them in the device configuration which allows you to open the device in the IDE and change the type to one of the built-in z-wave alarm or switch handlers which do run locally.

That being said, if you’re looking for a hub where everything executes locally you should look into Hubitat. That hub’s built-in handler for this device has the same functionality as mine and everything on that platform executes on the hub.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to take carry those settings over. I get the default sound no matter what. Along with the default volume. I’m able to get a different sound via setting the dimming value, but since it only gives increments of 10, that’s no good either.

I know none of this is your doing. And I appreciate the heck out of your DTH.

I just checked some handlers and they won’t work as expected, but I think there is still a way to turn the siren on locally and use the settings you specify, but that’s all you’d be able to use the device for.

I haven’t tested this, but in theory, if you use my handlers to configure the alarm tone, strobe effect, repeat, repeat intercept, and repeat delay and then execute the “Both” command it will store those values.

After they’re stored, you can change the Type to the “Z-Wave Switch” handler and the on command will use the same settings that the both command did.

Ya. I’ve customized everything. Set the siren and the chime to both be the same sound. Changed default sounds. Changed the settings you just referenced. But when I change it to a switch and flip the switch I get a completely different tone at max volume.

I can see all the settings your DTH configured in the IDE still, but they don’t seem to carry over.

Thanks for taking the time though. You aren’t getting paid by Aeotec so you’re going above and beyond and it’s appreciated.