Aeotec Siren 6 Not Updating Status: Work Around

Posting this in hopes that it helps someone else when they’re having problems getting an Aeotec 6 Siren installed and fully functional.

I installed an Aeotec Siren 6, but had to remove/uninstall it for testing. I removed it properly from the Z-Wave Network, then installed it again.

However, upon reinstallation, Sound/End Points 2-8 were disabled and I would receive the pop-up message every time I opened the Device Card: “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.

As well, in the API Browser+, all of the Sounds had a value of “null”:

No matter how many times I refreshed the card, it would not update its status. I tried resetting the Siren to Factory defaults, a Z-Wave Repair, Removing/Reinstalling it multiple times, different drivers. Nothing worked!

I noticed upon testing an Alarm Routine (which activated Sound/End Point 3), that Sound/End Point 3 was now enabled.

So here’s the Work-Around to enable all of the Sound/End Points and get rid of the “device hasn’t updated” message: I ran a routine to activate all of the Sounds/Chimes 1-8 (one at a time).

Note: I am using the SmartThings Managed Edge Drivers, Z-Wave Siren

The API Browser+ Now Indicates “off”, instead of “null”:


Thank you so much! This worked for me, not sure what I would do without folks like you!!

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Glad it helped!

Another question please and I have looked but can’t find anything on it. Is there a way to control the duration of the sound? right now it sounds for a few seconds or so then turns off. How do you control or make it go longer? For example, I have a water leak, I want it to chime/sound until I turn it off.

Thanks in advance,

Are you using SmartThings HomeMonitor to alert you as to the leaks?

If so, check out:

  1. Home Monitor >
  2. Gear (setup)
  3. Leaks
  4. Set Response
  5. Alert Duration

What is the Alert Duration currently set to (mine is 3 minutes) ? You could try extending that.