Aeotec Siren 6 - No Sound

My Aeotec Siren 6 suddenly stopped playing any sounds. Tried triggering via alarm, play sounds via smartthings app etc. Only the strobe is working. Re-installed did not help, using custom DTH did not work, nor edge drivers :slight_smile:

Anyone got this issue and know a fix? Or just try and return it?

I also just made a topic about some “Trouble” with my Siren 6… Perhaps you could follow the steps there to fix your problem? With Edge drivers if you set all your alarms to 0% sound… u cant hear them for example.

I also know there’s a factory reset for the Siren 6… Perhaps worth a try?

“This method is not fully advised unless your gateway has failed, and you do not yet have another gateway to perform a general unpair on Siren 6.”

To do this, follow the steps below:

Press and hold the Action button for 20 seconds
[2-5 seconds], the test siren sound will run, then stop after 5 seconds has passed.
[5-20 seconds] The LED will continue to blink faster (5 to 10 seconds) and faster (10 to 20 seconds).
[21 seconds and later] The LED will then quickly flash 3 times then will have LED breath in and out as you hold down the Action Button
Release the Action button, and the Siren 6 will factory reset.

This is a known issue (and yes Aeotec knows of the issue and that they produced faulty units…if you have your original receipt they will issue you a new unit even though it will eventually have the same problem)… The only way to recover is to remove power to the device and let the battery completely die. (Usually within 12 hours). Reapply ac power and normal function should be restored.

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So all Aeotec sirens have this problem?.. I might just return mine then (because i just bought it).

What would be a better siren alternative?

Not all… It’s hit or miss it seems. Mine does have this problem. About every 6 months or so I have to let the battery run down completely. Mine usually gets stuck with the light on but it always comes back to life after following the procedure I described. As for an alternative Zooz makes a nice feature rich siren with more capabilities than the Aeotec but haven’t tried it myself. Sticking with the Aeotec because of it’s doorbell function

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Shame i cant get most brands discussed here on the forum in the Netherlands. Like Zooz :frowning:

Seems like speaker is busted. gonna send it back if possible.

Ordered a NEO Coolcam Siren to see how it works.


I have the same problem, and dont know what to do.
Have you had luck to fix it?

nope. I had to send it back and got a new one that works. I also as stated ordered a NEO coolcam siren that seems a bit louder and easier to setup

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