ZWave Siren EDGE driver issues

Hi, I had added ZWave Siren and try to control the Aeotec Siren 6 with it. I cannot find how to set it up since I can trigger a sound but I do not how to stop it in the automation, I can stop it manually in the app. Also I cannot figure out how to set a sound to be played by 3 seconds (by example when a door is open, chime 3 secondsm then turn off the sound) or a longer period (for example alarm sound by 3 minutes and then turn it off). Also whith previous DTH for the Aeotec Siren 6 I can see the door ring button as a device and make automations with it (like turn on the Wyze cams via IFTTT) but now the Aeotec Siren 6 door bell button has disappeared. THANKS FOR YOUR KINDLY HELP.

Aeotec siren

Can you confirm which driver was installed for your siren?

Depending on how the driver was written, there could be an option to “Delay this action” and possibly “Auto turn off” when adding the action for the siren in the Routine.

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I believe it’s supported as a Z-Wave Siren in the Beta Edge Driver Channel here;

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I am not familiar with this particular device but it has the Chime and Alarm capabilities which are basically either on or off, though the ‘on’ isn’t called ‘on’. It looks like the most you can do with the Alarm in a Routine is to turn it on or off with a delay, so if you are triggering the sound in one Routine you will need to use a second Routine to turn it off.

So what you might do is have a condition that tests for the siren being on for a certain period of time and then turn it off as the action.

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Thanks my friend !.. Edge driver is Smartthings “Z-Wave Siren”
I can delay action in the automation setting, Im looking mostly something like “Auto turn off after X time”, or how are users are doing this?.. THANKS again

Control screen:

Setting screen:

O yes my friend !.. I installed that driver already, my issue is I do not how to control sound to chime a couple of seconds and then turn off… (for example when a door is opened) or trigger emergency sound and turn it off after 3 minutes b.e.
In automation I can only trigger the sound, and there is no option to turn it off, I need to open device control and manually turn sound off. I hope I explained clearly … or maybe I just do not know how to use the driver … :thinking:

Oh thanks my friend…that was my ugly suspicious, is not the best and easy way to do it but if is this the way… I take it !.. do you mean something like these examples?:

  • Automation 1: If door open then play sound 4

  • Automation 2: If siren plays sound 4 then turn off sound 4 after 2 seconds.

  • Automation 1: If STHM goes OFF play sound 7

  • Automation 2: If siren plays sound 7 then turn off sound 7 after 3 minutes.

Do you know any other ZWave Siren Edge driver with better capabilities ? Thanks !!

Unfortunately yes. If the driver doesn’t support an auto off feature, you’ll have to have additional routines to turn it off.

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