Zwave device not working.(2024)

Do you still have devices paired to the old hub? Devices can only be paired to one hub at a time?

What’s the model number of the sockets. You need to make sure you remove the power from each one to reset it. This may be the issue with your Z-Wave mesh problems. One of those sockets may be causing Z-Wave interference.

I don’t have any devices paired to the old hub, yes I knew it’s only for one hub. the model is WALL PLUG FGWPE/F-102 ZW5

Make sure you power cycle each one. If the stock edge driver is not working, check in the thread below.

update, I installed Mariano’s driver on the new hub, it connects but doesn’t work, the new one is as if it doesn’t see the official driver.

At this point, you need to power cycle every Z-Wave device you have and see if that resolves your issue.