Zigbee devices are not longer working (June 2019)

All my zigbee devices went offline. Zwave devices are working fine. I tried unplugging my hub, taking off the batteries, plugging it back after 30 minutes and waiting for the zigbee mesh to reconstruct itself but I had no luck. I tried doing factory reset of one of my devices, a Samsung smartthings button, and adding it back and the hub is not finding it. I even have a sylvania smart+ plug in the same room than the hub that is not working. Any suggestions?

I emailed Samsung’s support but their suggestions were not helpful.

Do you have two USB 3.0 devices connected close to either your ST hub or the Zigbee device that you reset?

I have a usb3 thumb drive and a hard drive.

Check your Wi-Fi router’s channel and your ST hub channel. They should not be the same. You can’t change ST’s, but you can change your router if needed.

In the IDE it should look like this for your hub, except your channel number may be different:

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Try either disconnecting them or moving them at least a few feet away from your ST hub and see if that helps. USB 3.0 connections are known to emit RF in the 2.4 GHz band where Zigbee operates. I learned that when I set up a USB hub near my ST hub and my Zigbee network stopped working.


Zigbee is running on channel 15, google wifi on channel 5

Anyhow, moving the hub fixed the issue.



Good, I’m glad to hear the issue was that easy to address.

I am also having trouble with Zigbee. I have not moved anything for months and all of a sudden in the last week zigbee devices have gone offline. I have tried moving the hab with no luck.

All of them, or only some?

A couple of months ago, all of my Zigbee devices went offline suddenly, at once. The fix was to remove and re-add them. A serious pain in the tail considering I was using mostly Zigbee bulbs. I have since replaced with a number of ZWave fixtures reducing my number of Zigbee devices by about half.

Not all but most. That would be a major pain because of all the rules and action tiles set up with them.

It was with mine. However mine threw 100% of my Zigbee devices offline. Not sure about a partial…

Mine had something to do with the Zigbee part of the ST cloud… Not nice as I had LOTS of automations involved.

The issue I have now is I have replaced smart bulbs with Zwave switches, but I have added Zigbee motion sensors so I went down 50%, but went up 25% of the number of Zigbee devices…

Running v3 Hub and I must say that I’ve been so frustrated with my Zigbee door and moisture sensors constantly going offline. I delete and join the sensors back each time, but will eventually go offline. At first I thought I had a bad sensor, but most of the sensors are exhibiting this behaviour. I’ve moved the hub to the middle of the house, but that didn’t seem to work. I’ve disabled Device Health in the Classic app. That didn’t help.

Not too comfortable with enabling insecure re-join, but I might try.

I’m on FW 26.00009, not sure if that’s the latest.

somebody else said this and i agree “Why should i have to babysit my HA system?”

Ready to abandon this system.

You’ll be happy you did.

Also, depending on the distance these devices are from the hub, consider investing in a couple zigbee outlets that act as zigbee routers. They are critical for spread out devices, especially if you start to grow devices. I have over 200 zigbee devices working very, very well with ST.


Are you referring to actual power outlets to act as repeaters?

Yup, and there are other zigbee router capable devices too like GE’s zigbee in wall switches and dimmers.

I’m using GE outlets, GE in wall switches and dimmers, Iris gen 2 outlets, and a couple ST outlets.

Just bought the IKEA Tradfri outlet to act as a repeater. Though my existing Aqara sensors are not that far away from the hub, I’m hoping the repeater makes a difference.

Let’s see if my sensors become unavailable again.

Things I’ve changed:

  1. Hub is near my TV/Xbox, but i move I tried moving it away as far from those devices. Probably not far enough to make any difference.

  2. Enabled insecure re-join

  3. Plugged in IKEA Tradfri outlet to act as repeater. I don’t know how to tell if it’s actually working as a repeater though.

Let’s see!

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While I can’t say for certain, I had tons of drop offs with my ZigBee devices furthest away from the hub prior to my adding the Tradfri smart plugs myself.

Once I added them, aside from the one time that everything Zigbee went offline and stayed that way (Smartthings cloud issue), I have not had a single device go offline.

So either the Tradfri is acting as a repeater, or my devices decided to get less snotty.


I’m having this issue as well, but it is Samsung Zigbee devices only including three buttons, one motion sensor and two door sensors (all latest gen versions).

I keep removing the batteries and rebooting the devices and they stay online for about 24-48 hours then they show offline again. Like others, the devices are fully functional in manual operation and automations so it seems to only be a device status reporting issue.

I shouldn’t have the wireless channel interference since I am using SmartThings Wifi (2nd gen) with four APs for full coverage.

That doesn’t help if the interference is at the hub, as it was in my and OP’s cases…especially since WiFi isn’t what’s being interfered with.

Jason, what worked for me was to add multiple repeaters. Draw a floor plan and place the repeaters strategically, then do a zigbee repair. I was lucky enough to stock up on the Iris zwave/zigbee outlets before they became hard to find. I haven’t had a single issue after doing this, but was having the same issues you describe.