Zigbee devices are not longer working (June 2019)

Thanks for the recommendation. I had an old 2nd gen SmartThings plug laying around unused so I added it to the hub last night and put it in a central position in the house. Then I restarted all the zigbee sensors. Almost 24 hours in and everything is still connected. Fingers crossed!:crossed_fingers:


“The more the merrier …” especially if your battery operated sensors are scattered in a standard house. I have zero experience with buttons, but if they’re moved within the home, adding other repeaters would most likely help.

I haven’t been looking/shopping but if you can locate the Iris plug 3210L, possibly rebranded, you can stengthen both zwave and zigbee mesh networks with one device, I purchased 6 for a 2500 ft2 ranch and now have zero issues with drop outs.

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I’ll definitely look for these plugs, I like that they repeat both signals. For me, I have no issues with ZWave because I have invested in a lot of GE/Honeywell/Jasco in-wall switches and dimmers that have really covered the house well. It’s zigbee that is failing and 36 hours in, I haven’t had a dropout with a zigbee plug-in outlet on each floor of the house. I might add a couple more just to ensure coverage. I thought the ST WiFi hub system would help and it has but it doesn’t provide complete coverage. I have the hub + three additional access points which are also supposed to be ZWave and Zigbee repeaters. Any idea on what the radius of these plug based repeaters are?

There use to be specs available, but I can’t remember offhand right now. I know that it’s decent coverage because I have an ST multi sensor on my mailbox and the closest plug is well over 50 feet away through stone, brick, and an aluminum mailbox.

I have some hue bulbs in the driveway posts and a few other exterior locations (which survived -45 degees F last winter) the post lamp is about 25 yards from the closest interior plug repeater. And about the same distance to the other closest hue bulb, so I don’t know who is repeating to who.

What impresses me is that all 4 hue bulbs survived the west yellowstone extreme temperatures.


Jason, I just looked and you can find the 3210l on ebay. Quite a range in price. Here’s a link to 2, current bid is 15 bucks. Used, so you will need to read up on these to exclude, add device handlers etc to utilize both zwave and zigbee.

And oddly enough, I had about half of my devices just flat out drop offline last night. Both Zigbee and Zwave. Just FWIW, a reboot of the hub is what it took to bring them back online. Not sure what happened…

I have been seeing previously stable zigbee devices (both battery and hardwired) drop too over the last week. Power cycling the devices have brought mine back. I can see no new WiFi devices near my home as a source of interference. I did rebuild the zigbee mesh last night so will see what happens. I’m using a V1 hub.

Things were going well, at least I thought they were after I introduced an Ikea smart outlet. But then three sensors went out again.

At what point would we consider the hub being defective?

I don’t want to keep investing in repeater devices if I don’t have to.

my zigbee devices stopped working about a year and a half ago. did all kinds of troubleshooting with the help of smartthings tech help guys, and while they determined that the zigbee module in my hub is fine, in reality it still isnt working. their suggested solution is to keep it at least 20 feet away from my wifi router, which i havent even tried.

TLDR - i just stopped using zigbee devices :frowning:

With the combination with ST cloud services being offline or experiencing difficulties, devices going offline and delayed notifications, my home setup has become truly unreliable. It’s a shame.

Sorry to hear about your problems. Don’t give up. I had the same situation with daily zigbee dropouts and disconnects in my two story house. What I ended up doing was move my V2 hub >10 feet from the wifi router (with 25 foot Ethernet cable), changed my wifi channel to 1 (zigbee ch is 16), moved as many devices as possible to the 5GHz wifi band and installed 5 repeater outlets (3 upstairs and 2 down stairs). So far so good. The network seems solid. Good luck


I am using Classic app.