None of my ZigBee devices are working

I came home yesterday and half of my ZigBee devices were not working woke up this morning and none of them are working i got about 15 ZigBee devices 2 Sylvania bulbs 2 Cree connected bulbs and the rest Samsung SmartThigns devices motion and contact sensors …what is going on??
I unplugged the hub and removed the batteries twice but did not have any effect i am trying to add a new SmartThings multipurpose contact sensor and it is not picking it up

what could it be do you thing my zigbee radio is dead …it is a V2 hub???

Thank you

Do you have any zigbee devices in your mesh acting as repeaters, like outlets or switches? If not, I highly recommend you add a couple or a few to strengthen your mesh and allow for adding more zigbee devices to your ST environment.

yes i do SmartThings smart plugs

Ok, then it could be interference of some kind. You could check to see what channel your wifi router is using and check the ST hub to see what channel Zigbee is using. If they’re the same (or even close), you’ll want to change your router’s channel because you can’t change your hub.

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Hey @richland007,

What you are describing sounds exactly like an interference issue. Feel free to shoot me a PM with the email address associated with your account and I can take a closer look and see if anything stands out!

Otherwise, there are known issues with Zigbee interference caused by WiFi and USB 3.0 devices. If you have any WiFi or USB 3.0 devices near the hub I’d recommend moving them away from the hub to see if that resolves the issue.


For all that replied all will run into this post … the issue fixed itself … so it definitely was a interference issue but what caused it and how did it go away i can not say for sure.
Nothing network wise changed, no WiFi APs moving around no nothing with the exception of moving the wyze cam into the baby room which is far away from the hub anyhow.
I tried to turn things on and off and see if there was something in particular causing the stress but i did not find anything than out of the blue in a couple of days everything turned to normal …speechless…i really made it a point to track it what can cause it but found nothing

thank you all


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