Zigbee Bulbs Offline

Since Tuesday March 2nd all of my Zigbee bulbs are showing as offline or (in one or two cases) online but not having updated for roughly 2 days in the IDE. I’ve rebooted the hub several times through the IDE with no luck. Most of our bulbs are Z-wave these days and only have a few Zigbee bulbs remaining, but haven’t had any issues for at least 6-8 months. No recent changes to SmartThings/devices/network on my end.

Any suggestions?


Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I just noticed that it appears the devices having issues are also my only local devices. All non-virtual local devices are offline or online, but not checking in.

I had this happen recently. It was caused by interference caused by my Wifi AP changing during channels an automatic ‘optimization’ and causing conflict with my Zigbee channel.

So what’s your Wifi channel, Whats your Zigbee Channel, where is the WiFi AP as compared to your Zigbee devices and have you recently moved any consumer electronics close to your ST hub?

Thanks for the quick response.

Currently my wifi channels are 6 and 38, Zigbee is on 20, and the AP is at the center of the house. Some effected devices are in the same room anywhere from 2-16 feet away from the AP, but others are on another floor at least 30 feet away through floors and walls. No changes to anything near the hub.

No problem Nick. For background - here’s a good article. ZigBee and WiFi Coexistence — MetaGeek

it sounds like if your 2.4Ghz is on CH6 and Zigbee is on 20 - you should be OK - they don’t overlap at all *and in fact almost exactly what I have. (I also have CH1 on half of my WiFi mesh)

What about USB 3 HDD? any of those close to the hub?

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It would seem I just needed to start complaining about things. On a whim I rebooted the hub for what must have been the 10th time today, no other changes, and everything’s come back to life.

Thanks again for your quick responses and suggestions.

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