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What's going on with Wemo switches? Working fine for 3yrs (April 2019)

(Dan) #1

Anyone else have Wemo switches?
I have a few Wemo switches and they are not working properly with SmartThings now.
I’ve had them for about 3 yrs and they randomly just start causing problems.

I can turn them on with a big lag but then they will still register as the switch being off when they actually turned on in the ST app. Can’t turn them off once they are on though. I’ve been having to use the Wemo app which works fine with all the Wemo switches.

I am thinking it started when the switches received a firmware update.

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I’m having the same problem, which started last night after I installed the latest firmware. I can still control the devices, but they no longer report their status to SmartThings correctly. There was another firmware update today, but the issue remains.



Same issue here:


(Michael Hacker) #4

Seeing the exact same issue with my wemo switches. I can turn them on but the status never updates and then I am unable to turn them off. This has broke all of my home automation related to those switches.


(Michael Hacker) #5

It seems like the mobile app is having issues and that the Smartthings hub is having no problem communicating with devices. If I go into the Smarthings IDE ( and go to my devices I can see all of my WeMo switches. If I click into the switch it shows the correct status even though my phone app is wrong. I am also having issues with the phone app telling me it can’t control my Hue lights even though Alexa can via the Smartthings skill. I do not have any other skill enabled (hue or otherwise) and the Smartthings IDE is showing that there is no issues communicating with the Hue Bridge.



The WeMo integration is cloud to cloud. The hub doesn’t have anything to do with it. You could even unplug the hub and still have it work.

But definitely, yes, the app could be the culprit.

Make sure you report any problems of this type to support. First line support may not be able to help much, but the more people who report the problem, the sooner they will assign engineering resources to look into it.


(Michael Hacker) #7

I am pretty confident the issues are with the new mobile app. I opened up the classic app. Said I was a new user. It detected my Samsung Account and logged me in. I see all of my devices. I can control all of them (WeMo and Hue). The WeMo shows the correct state and the Hue lights are turning on and off correctly. I might try to uninstall the new app and reinstall to see if that fixes the issue.

Update: After reinstalling the mobile app the WeMo devices are showing the status correctly and the hue lights are working. Not sure what got messed up with the app, but I think I am back working.

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(Dan) #8

Man they still have not fixed this?
Getting annoying now.


(Dan) #9

So do we need to get rid of our Wemo switches since they no longer work with ST after the firmware update?


(Erik) #10

Mine are still working fine. Maybe i haven’t gotten the firmware update though. I was planning on changing them though and even have the Leviton Z-Wave switches ready to install…just haven’t done it yet.



Upgraded three WeMo Insight switches to 11273.PVT (latest) and all stopped sending event change callback information when triggered locally OR wattage exceeds the defined threshold. They now only respond to direct polling. This is really unfortunate because I had updated the Juan Risso driver written way back in 2015 to act as a contact switch when the device reached a defined wattage for home automation reasons/requirements.

Has anyone had any luck with WeMo discussing the event callback LAN protocol they originally supported? From my initial basic checks direct communication with echo units are also no longer working.

Seems similar to Harmony Hubs ditching the local API functionality thinking it was not utilized. The only reason I put up with these bulky buggy things is they had event driven triggers which I haven’t found in Zwave or Zigbee devices concerning wattage. They are TCP/IP junk without immediate events!