SmartThings <-> WeMo Issues?

I have been seeing issues with WeMo Switches and plugs lately that is driving me mad. A few observations:

  1. If using manual control (like a switch) or the WeMo App (for the plug), I have to ‘refresh’ the status in the SmartThings App (Classic) for it to register properly.

  2. Using WebCore is very spotty to trigger WeMo Switches, maybe works 20% of the time.

  3. I do have the new WeMo App, and was forced to make an account yesterday. However, these issues started before that.

Anyone else seeing these same issues?

I am seeing issues but mostly with the new Wemo cloud. My Wemo app doesn’t even report the proper status of devices in the Wemo app most of the time. I am constantly seeing Wemo devices report the wrong status i.e. device is on but Wemo app shows it as off or vice-versa.