WeMo Switch - problems after 2yrs

So I’ve had WeMo switches for 1.5yrs and never had a single problem.
Now my switches dont seem to update with their state change in the ST app.

So I will have a rule that turns on my switch, which it will. But when I check the status on the ST app, it is still OFF, even though it turned On.
If I manually turn the switch on (already on), then OFF, then it will turn off.

Anyone else have this problem?

Not this problem specifically but I have a minimote that has worked flawlessly for a year and in the past few days it stopped working correctly. It will turn on my WeMo outlets but won’t turn them off. I’m imagining something in a recent ST or WeMo update has messed up the integration.

I’m also having issues with a wemo light switch and smartthings. It definitely seems like a recent update is causing issues. I’m also having problems with a GE connected bulb that I never had problems with before the update.

Me too ,since last update

I am also have issues with my Wemo device status not updating. My workaround is makinf core refresh the status everytime after it issues on/off commands.

Yes I reported to support, I suggest you do also. It isn’t only WeMo it is other devices. Everytime I turned on Health Check a working device became not working. Then I turned off Health and got it working but status doesn’t always update. Please report it and mention that others are having same problem. I sent in screen shots.

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I’m also having the same issues with WeMo, and it started overnight. I use the WeMo to control the GE Lights in my son’s bedroom, as he was always turning them on at night to stay up (he’s 3); I was able to turn them off last night, but he woke up crying this morning because he couldn’t turn them on, even when the time was inside the allowed window.

I can confirm I can turn on/off the lights with my app; turn on/off the switches with the app & WeMo app, but as you’ve noted there are NO triggers from the switch.

This is a huge issue, as I’ve live-wired lots of lights in my house, and I now have a very unhappy wife (and son).

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It’s normally an issue on the Wemo server end. I’ve got wemo switches (outlets) and light bulbs and a maker. On their own they’re really unreliable and the rules don’t work. Now that I have them integrated with ST, they’re a lot more reliable. Belkin don’t even seem to really care that much and their community page is pretty dead apart from the people having problems. They don’t even make half the stuff any more like the Wemo light bulbs or motion sensors. Pretty sad

The status is only not updating in st app, when i look in to action tile, they are reporting back ok

My ST app just updated again a few hours ago. Maybe a fix?? On Android

I just realized I am having a lot of other problems.
Why do they have to go and mess with everyone once things start to get somewhat stable.

I have always had WeMo problems, you were one of the lucky ones. But I joined the Super LAN Connect Beta and for a short time my problems went away. This last update to the IOS app screwed the pooch. Now I am having all types of problems. I installed a Commercial Electric Wink enabled high hat. Everyone seems to have it working, mine is found, but doesn’t take commands, even after I changed the device type. I put in a support ticket, I hope they fix this.

Ugh we better not have to re-add them, i have way too many and too many rules i would need to redo.
Who even tests this stuff before going live???

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All four WeMo smart outlets that I own (2 x v1; 2 x v2) lose connection to smartthings after about an hour. I’ve been battling this for days, going so far as to completely reset my hub and remove it via the IDE and add everything back including the WeMo outlets and CoRE pistons.

Long story short, none of that makes a difference. After about an hour, they all lose connection with smartthings again. Attempting to actuate the switches via the smartthings app leaves a message of “TURNINGON” or “TURNINGOFF” but it doesn’t actually do anything. The only way to get the outlets to come back to life is to go into the IDE, click edit on the device and then update. From that point it will work for another hour or so before losing connection. You can also remove and re-add the outlets, which will give you that same hour before losing connection.

All the switches are online and can be controlled via the WeMo app.

I’ve deleted and readded about 20 times since thursday. It is only a temp fix until they lose connection again. I get between 1 and 2 hours before smartthings loses track of them again.

Exactly the same for me. I updated my linked post above.

Back to Support.

At least your not he only one, so it will be looked at more seriously. How about we create one post in the forum like ATTENTION SUPPORT STAFF FIX OUR WeMo. I also think the problem is being carried over to other LAN devices. My iHome plugs lost connection earlier.

I’ve been in contact with support for a couple days, but nothing helpful has been offered as of yet. This issue really came out of nowhere so it seems to be related to the recent updates. I had no issues with my WeMo devices previously and now all four don’t work.

I’ve turned off device health in the app as noted in the WeMo lights issues thread. I then removed all of my WeMos, installed WeMo Advanced and then added everything back. I’ll give it a few hours and see if they manage to remain online. in ST.