Wemo Switches not updating status in ST classic

I have researched the forums and everything is dated, so no real info there.

I have Wemo 2 switches and 1 plug, integrated with ST and webcore. If I use the Wemo app on my iphone, and turn on the light switch, when I look into ST classic app, it doesnt update the status from off to on. I have to touch the switch in ST classic app , then touch the refresh icon. Only then does it update the status to on. This is the same when turning off the switch.

Because of this, none of my webcore or ST classic is working right since it thinks the light is on/off and doest act on it (webcore), etc.

Note, I can use the ST classic app to turn on/off these switches so I know they are connected, just not updating.

I have looked in the device logs in IDE, and nothing updates in the logs until i go in the app and open device and hit refresh icon, then it immediately shows on the logs.

I have also removed a wemo switch from ST classic and re-added to no avail.

I have rebooted my ST v3 hub as well, no changes.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you using a custom dth?

Hi @TonyFleisher,

No custom DTH; used ST classic app, hit + on things tab, it discovered automatically.

@Kianoosh_Karami is this the same as (or related to) the “known issue” you referenced in the release notes thread?

I’m having the same issue as the OP. Any changes to the devices are not immediate. They have to be polled individually by tapping the device in Things before the status gets updated. Please fix! Thanks

Need this fixed asap…

I have Wemo smart plugs and they work fine… the status updates with no lag. Guess I am lucky :slight_smile:

I am seeing some weirdness with my Wemos this past week. But I can’t see a pattern other than with one socket that is acting flakey, even in the Wemo app (which is very flakey itself). But the other day two other sockets did not turn on with Smart Lighting and previously they’ve been very reliable.

But it does seem odd this one outlet has been acting up and others here are reporting issues. I wonder if there’s an issue at Wemo. They have a terrible history.

And sorry, by ‘flakey’ I mean the outlet is not consistently responding to commands and/or showing actual state in SmartThings. But, as I said above, sometimes it shows offline in the Wemo app and the WiFi LED is flashing making me think Wemo has issues (the device has been in the same spot and working fine for years). I’d have put it down to a failing device but then I had issues with two others so …

See this thread: