WeMo Mini Plug not controllable in ST App

I purchased a WeMo Mini Wifi Plug.

I installed WeMo app - all looks great. I can see it and control it.

I WAS able to add it to my ST app - it found it just fine.

My problem is that in the ST app, the plug is ALWAYS showing as ON. When I tap it, it thinks for a second and shows as still on. When I look at the plug, it is actually turned off and I have confirmed this by opening the WeMo app. I have even unplugged it from the wall, and waited up to 30 minutes, but some reason ST still thinks that I have the plug connected and on. It does not even show as disconnected. When I plug it back in for a few minutes, I can pseudo control it again with the ST app, but again the ST app refuses to show it as off or disconnected. Only in the WeMo app or physically looking at it, do I see it being controlled.

My goal is to have this connected to my Chest Freezer as I am in a new home and my chest freezer seems to keep tripping the GFI outlet it is plugged into about once a week/ every other week or so (my only option where it is stored). I need something to notify me if it ever becomes tripped again so I don’t lose a fortune in frozen food. I would like to set this up as an automation as well that turns my HUE light in my bedroom a certain color when the plug loses connectivity or turns off.

This is pretty much new construction (less than 2 years old) and the overall electric here has been pretty annoying so far in the 50 days we have been here.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

What app did you install? The Wemo Mini Smart plugs will connect to ST without the need of any apps.

Also, it is a good idea to assign a static ip to your smart plug :slight_smile:

Not sure which ST app? I downloaded it for the first time about a month ago when I purchased a new Samsung TV - and did an update yesterday when I purchased my first round of Philips Hue lights. I guess I was not aware the WeMo app was not needed, but in the end I am trying not to use it anyway - only in ST. Currently the WeMo app is the only way I am able to see if the plug is truly on or off. I will have to look into setting up static IP for the plug itself - I was not aware that was a thing.

Never mind me. I misread, sounded like you had installed a smartapp in ST. I need to quit skimming through on my end when reading.

You do need the wemo app on your mobile device.

Try assigning a static IP number to your wemo devices and see if that helps.

Thanks for the help so far.

I believe I just assigned static to that device. Out of the half a million wireless devices (okay just a few) one of them is showing up as “Socket” so I assume that was it and I set it to static. Still no luck.

Also before I continue, if I get this to work could I still be notified if the plug becomes unresponsive due to lack of power, or only when it is set to off while still having power?

Did you also check to see if there were any firmware updates for it in the wemo app?

Multiple reports in the forum that WeMo switches stopped working with SmartThings about two weeks ago when the firmware was updated. :disappointed_relieved:

Also, your second thought was correct: if the main switch trips the GFI, then the Wemo wouldn’t have any power to send a message to smartthings.

There are monitoring smartapps you can set up that can let you know if you have heard nothing From a particular device for a time period You specify so that might help, but that’s a whole separate conversation.

Well that’s a bummer. I guess i will just have to go get a genuine ST switch then which was double the price. Thats what I get for trying to penny pinch system!

I won’t ask for a full conversation on the second part of my goal, but if you could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Thanks again.

Yes, I updated everything.

The IKEA Tradfri plug in switch works well with SmartThings and only cost $10. :sunglasses: (The tradfri smart bulbs and plug-in pocket socket work out of the box with smartthings. There is only partial integration with the handheld remotes and buttons, so those probably aren’t worth paying extra for. )

Sorry, I’m not feeling well right now and can’t go into many details. But use the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, look in the smart apps section, and then look for the list on “wellness check.“


I think “simple device viewer“ is the most popular right now and should have the features you need. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the link I will look into that when I get home from returning, thats all i was asking for! Will check out the Ikea products as well - it looks like the ceiling fan lights are relatively inexpensive.

The osram/sylvania smart plugs are pretty cheap and reliable. Been using for a number of years now.