WAPIRZ-1Z Monoprice Motion sensors suddenly appear to have additional features

Did Smartthings break the driver for some motion sensors? I have 2 motion sensors with temperature sensors. Suddenly I got a bunch of messages saying smoke detector detected, moisture sensor detected. When I look at the device in my app, it also says it has an open/close contact in addition to motion, smoke and water. The driver was updated last month according to the app. Is there any way to restore the oriiginal driver? The only options I see are for Z-Wave Sensor.


Other community members have been reporting similar issues with different devices.

The most likely hypothesis is that your devices were recently automatically migrated to an edge Driver, but they picked the wrong edge driver. :thinking:

See the other discussion:

Woke up this morning to some odd status notifications on phone

Yeah all of mine stopped working, they were migrated to edge and the default driver doesn’t work for it at all.

This thread working on updating a driver to use for it. [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Sensor Driver Channel - including specific Ecolink, FortrezZ, HomeSeer and Zooz models - #125 by Paul_Oliver

I’m in the process of adding support for the Monoprice motion sensors.


Following. Same issue here. Just started today.

I have the same issue. Looking forward to using @csstup drivers I already use his third reality smart button driver which works perfectly!

After testing I found that the contact open\close value triggers when the sensor detects motion. I edited all of my automations to use this value instead of the motion value and they are all working perfectly know. The ghost wet and smoke alerts will likely continue until a proper driver is created. @csstup is currently working on it.

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This GoControl Motion Sensor has been working perfectly for years. Suddenly something has changed with the new ST app/drivers… The sensor has always shown Motion, Temperature, Tamper, and Battery. But now it has a whole bunch of crazy stuff listed, and it keeps sending notifications in the middle of the night for “Smoke” and “Moisture”! The new list of items is:
-Contact Sensor
-Atmospheric pressure
-Temperature & Humidity
-Energy Consumption
-Power meter

Help! How do I get rid of all this garbage? How do I stop the notifications in the middle of the night for “Smoke” and “Moisture” ?

Very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

There are multiple existing threads on this problem. I have moved yours to one of the most recent. Please go to the top of this thread and read the existing posts.

I’ve been using the Z-Wave Sensor PH driver it only has Contact and Motion options so the additional alerts don’t go off, it works for now until a better driver is available: [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Sensor Driver Channel - including specific Ecolink, FortrezZ, HomeSeer and Zooz models

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Testing the WAPIRZ driver. Should be able to release it soon.


I guess I am in between. not as lucky as @csstup, I only have issue with all 5 of my Monoprice motion sensors (out of 60+ devices), as they all been reporting smoke & moisture detection the past week.

I thought I did all the migration, as I was using Core (Piston) to run all my home automations. And I wasn’t aware of the driver migration to edge until now.

Hopefully there will be new driver or solutions to this. It is getting annoying as those messages appears 4-8 times per day on all my family’s phone.

I suspect the issue is that they were never explicitly fingerprinted in the handlers and likewise aren’t fingerprinted in the driver. I guess they might not be certified although the handlers and driver do have code specifically to handle their quirks.

A single driver replaces a number of single capability handlers and the generic profile covers all the options.

Hi, are you suggesting they will not provide a new driver fixing this issue, rather just required us to replace the devices?
If so, it will suck… As Samsung been forcing alot of upgrade (not backward compatible) for few years now… been quite annoying.

This is what all my family members been seeing daily …

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What model are they? Are they the Zwave (non plus) clones of the WAPIRZ?

I am suggesting that what you are seeing may be the current expected behaviour of a sensor paired generically with the stock Zwave Sensor.

I know nothing of the certification status of the devices to know whether they should pair generically or not.

I don’t know if ST consider that the finished article or if it is a broad brush solution to get the migration to Edge over the line quickly before refining it later. It seems a tad crude to me, especially given the way Smoke and Leak sensors are handled in the apps.

There may be a community driver alternative, I haven’t looked but it seems very likely and I am sure someone will know.

Doesn’t turning off the Notifications for those devices in the app stop that?

I didn’t know I can turn off notification for specific device. I will take a look into that. Thanks

Yes, I purchased them when they first came out (available on monoprice) probably around 10yrs ago. all non plus zwave. They been working fine.

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You’re not the only one.

The WAPIRZ has some odd messaging requirements, something either your custom DTH or the stock DTH drivers compensated for. The stock Edge drivers do not.

I’m working on a community driver for the WAPIRZ this week. Should be available soon.