Multuple threads July 3rd update all related

All of us are seeing devices broken.
The treads are all over the place and instead of pulling them together you’re acting like there different issues.

I don’t have any inside information, but from what I can see there are least four distinct issues.

  1. some change to the cloud platform broke virtual switches that ran there. The engineers are aware of this, and have started to implement a fix. That’s discussed in the following thread.

Legacy virtual switches stopped working (July 2023)

  1. a bunch of different Z wave devices were automatically migrated from working DTHs to stock edge drivers, which turned out not to be a good match. Consequently, they either broke or begin weird reporting, such as motion sensors thinking they were leak sensors, and all that. Since this impacts a number of different models, even people who search the forum before posting are putting up new threads, not realizing that similar conversations are already underway.

  2. something is going on with zigbee Devices for some people. originally my guess was that this had to do with the new thread support, which uses the same radio, but then people also reported it for the V2 hub which doesn’t have thread. So I don’t have any idea what it is, but there have been a number of people reporting it.

  3. there are a few devices, only a few, which presently are eligible for either an edge driver or a cloud to cloud integration and some of them, maybe after an automatic migration, ended up with both.

So all of that has been going on.

I’m just another customer, but because of the way my brain works It’s particularly helpful to me if threads in this forum remain organized and don’t duplicate each other. I have been given the privilege, like a number of other very active members with a high “trust” level (that’s the forum term), of being able to move messages and consolidate threads. Normally I do this and I think it’s pretty invisible to most people, It just prevents having a lot of duplicate threads.

But I’ll be honest: last week broke me. So I haven’t been reading all of the threads let alone doing the usual behind-the-scenes stuff I do to consolidate them. So yeah, there are a lot more of them than usual.

I would recommend that anyone having any of these problems report them to support. They may not know what’s going on, but the more people who report them, the more resources the company is likely to assign to fixing them.

As far as keeping the forum threads consolidated, there are a number of other people with the same privileges who could be doing it, we’ll just have to hope that somebody steps up and does. I’m just not up to it right now.


I’ll add number five which hit me and others is devices with children migration. This is big as each devices has 2-5 children. I’ve now figured out what was going on and fixed most of the damage. My Zooz parents came over with preloaded drivers, but the children did not and had to be mostly recreated. One non Zooz is no longer compatible, so temporarily dysfucntional…

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The strange thing is, my hubs weren’t affected by any of these.

  1. I was only using community virtuals.
  2. I had drivers with exact match for all my zwave devices already installed, so when the last ones were finally converted, they went over with no issues.
  3. No issues at all on ZigBee devices. I have all v2 hubs and the meshes are all stable with no drop offs.
  4. None of my devices must have matched this pattern. I don’t use the child device types either.

I feel pretty lucky, the issues reported sound pretty annoying at best.


As @csstup said I am not having any of the issues that people are reporting. Knock on wood, my system have been reliable and stable.

One difference is that I did a 100% manual conversion from Groovy DTH to Edge Drivers during the Beta period. As a retired engineer I know that automated system conversions are usually a disaster, so I choose to do a full manual conversion.

I am also using two v2 hubs which have more memory, which might help. I am also using community developed custom Edge Drivers when possible.


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Not a glitch on my v2, rock solid and working invisibly