Wapirz-1 motion sensor difficulty

I have several older zwave motion sensors in my house. I am having difficulty getting one of them to report properly (wapirz-1). My other sensors are using what looks like a generic smart things driver, and they report and function just fine, and their tiles are the correct motion sensor icon.

I am excluding the one I’m having trouble with, but every time I add it back to the hub, it connects and shows the “multipurpose” icon, rather than the correct motion sensor icon. It also seems to be reporting an open/close contact with motion, rather than “motion/no motion”, and open/close shows on the tile, rather than motion/no motion.

I’ve tried adding it to the hub after excluding under the Ecolink brand, and also under the general zwave motion sensor, many times, to no avail. Also tried the philh30 driver and the smart things driver that my other sensors use, to no avail. Nothing seems to connect this thing *just" as a motion sensor, which is all I need it for.


Now I’m getting constant “moisture sensed” and “smoke detected” push notifications from this sensor :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: help!!!

Kevin, did you ever find a solution? I’ve run into the exact same problem where my motion sensor suddenly became recognized as a smoke detector.

I had originally tried the Zwave Sensor PH driver, which resolved the sensor tripping the Home Monitor smoke alarm actions, bit it also stopped sensing motion. I ended up switching to the Zwave masquerade driver and motion sense is working well.


Super late to reply here, but I’m no longer getting the odd smoke/water notifications. However, the sensor still is showing a tile as a “multipurpose sensor” instead of the preferred motion. All I can guess is something changed in ST or the driver, as I’m still just using a generic “smarthings driver for zwave sensor devices”.

I see a link from @Paul_Oliver , I will take a look at that…

EDIT: installed the @csstup driver, that looks better now :slight_smile: