Firmware 48.3

Good morning.
After yesterday’s hub update to version 48.3 some zwave devices no longer work and I can’t get them to work

Hi @GiacomoF, can you DM me some details about your issue to help me investigate. In particular, can you enable account data access as described here. Additionally, it would be helpful to know details such as

  • which devices no longer work
  • approximate time when they stopped working
  • what exactly isn’t working

No problem with Aeotec devices. Fibaro motion sensors, walli controllers and fibaro switches 224 crashed Wednesday night. They were online but not responding to commands.

Hi Chris,

For some time I’ve received push notifications from SmartThings stating that my Yale smart locks (setup via Lock Manager) are offline. Throughout the day I receive several notifications stating they are online and offline again. I have just checked the firmware version on my SmartThings Hub and it is 48.3. The strange thing is both of my Yale smart locks; front and back doors, aren’t going offline at the same time. It seems to happen intermittently but usually never at the same time. Do you know if my issue is at all related to this new firmware update? Unfortunately, I don’t know when this issue started as I was traveling for several months around the time I noticed it.

I’m having the same problem all of my go control Z-Wave motion and door window sensors are no longer accessible and smart things. They don’t even show offline when I click on any of them it tells me it was unable to communicate with the device. I started seeing this behavior about 30 minutes ago. I checked the firmware and sure enough it’s running 48.3. I need help getting this resolved because now all of my doors and windows are unprotected I have no way of knowing if they are open or closed without visual inspection. Since all the motion sensors are not available all of my motion based automations for lighting and presence based rules no longer work. This is an absolute mess.

What models of each? Specific model numbers are important.

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It looks like fw 48.3 and 48.5 forced all gocontrol sensors to switch from DTH to Edge drivers. The window and door contact sensors seem to have stabilized and are using the edge driver Z-Wave sensor with no issues, however the motion sensors WAPIRZ-1 are still having strange issues. The motion sensors are also using Edge driver Z-Wave sensor however they are being detected as some crazy multi-sensor device. WAPIRZ-1 can only detect PIR based motion and temperature changes but in smart things all of these additional sensor values are listed. Most of them are not being used but the smoke and water detection are showing values and this sensor does not have those capabilities. I had to change all of my motion sensor based rules to use the open\close contact value because the motion value doesn’t change. That said I have been able to get my motion based rules to work consistently using the contact value, since the sensors were changed to the Edge driver I now get Ghost smoke and wet contact alerts throughout the day and night. In the last 24 hours just one of the sensors has triggered these two fault values and alerts over 20 times and I have seven of these motion sensors so you can imagine the cacophony of fake noise and alerts these ghost detections are generating. I have gone in and made sure that none of these motion sensors are actually listed in the home monitoring section of smart things as smoke or water sensors but I still get the alerts. I have no Smart smoke sensors but I do have five Samsung water sensors which are working as expected. I have also checked my SmartThings web console to see if there is any way to enable or disable functionality on the sensors but I see no area for making modifications beyond these two commands “refresh and resetEnergyMeter”.

So that was a very long rant but I wanted you to understand the current situation. What I am basically looking for is a modified Edge driver for the motion sensor that only returns values for motion not contact and temperature and of course battery level and removes all of this other extraneous ghost data that doesn’t actually exist. I attached a screenshot of one of the sensors so you can see what I’m talking about. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated as the sensors have been working perfectly, using dth, since I switched to smart things (from wink) a couple of years back.

I’m working on a driver for the WAPIRZ, as mentioned in this thread.

I have a device on its way to use for development and testing. Will update when a driver is ready for testing.


Thank you very much. I’m already using your drivers for third reality button and it’s working perfectly. Our smart homes wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the awesome work devs like you are doing! Thank you, I look forward to testing your driver. For know using the open close contact values is allowing me to use all of my automations.

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