Woke up this morning to some odd status notifications on phone

This morning I had some very odd status notifications on my phone. a smoke detector had motion. a motion detector had moisture detected. has anyone else received notifications twisted like this. :smile:

I haven’t had any of those things happen. But what was odd is that my Z wave smoke detector went off in the middle of the night last night like there was smoke. First time in six years that’s ever happened. There was nothing going on in my house. It was a false alarm.

sometimes dust or a bug will get in to trigger them. i have a leak detector that the bugs love to mess with and trigger.

had another couple odd notifications. smoke detector detected motion and motion detector detected a leak. O.O

will be keeping a closer eye to see if its the same sensors. O.o

This sounds like ST migrated your sensors and they picked up the wrong driver. I have the ZWave Masquerade driver installed which includes a generic fingerprint, so about half of my sensors and switches started using it by default, even though there were other stock or community drivers available that would have been a better fit.


oh just lovely. this is exactly why i split things up across several hubs a while back. not fixing anything until the dust settles. @JDRoberts

okay im getting closer to narrowing things down. it appears to either be a go control motion detector or a similar looking motion detector from monoprice.