Very slow latetly

It is just me or smartthigns is having a lot of lag issues in the last few weeks? Sometime it works normally and reacts in 1-2 secs sometimes i have to press for MINUTES to manually turn on/off some light. Does this have to do with being sold to aeotec?maybe aeotec has slow servers.
My internet connection is solid, tried reparing the z wave network, rebooting, everything is just a temp fix. I can;t defend this anymore in front of my family, everyone is getting frustrated and i started looking for alternatives, is just that i don’t have the guts to redo 50+ devices and their automation once again.
am i the only one with this problem?

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Nothing to do with Aeotec : SmartThings is still providing the app and the cloud. Aeotec is only taking over support of the physical devices which are sold with an Aeotec logo.

An Update Regarding our Hardware

But, yes, a lot of people have noticed increased slowness recently. :disappointed_relieved:

Slow Zwave, and getting slower
Is the new ST App super slow? Or is it just me?

New app very slow to come up
Slow response to motion/triggers
New Android App January 27

yesterday my alarm was triggered, maybe some fly got in one of my sensors, the siren went on and and for like 5 mins even tho i tried turning it off after 30 secs, imagine my frustration while i kept pressing the OFF button and still hearing the siren, imagine all the sweets thoughts from my neighbors, i removed the siren now from home monitor.
I thought i made the right choice choosing smartthings for my new home but less than a year later i start regretting it hard and don’t have enough energy left to rejoin over 50 sensors into a new controller and their automations just to find one the new controller has issues too. My smart house became pretty dumb lately . I am very disappointed

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so what are you saying, that i should use my hub on wifi rather than direct connection?
I have about 50-60 devices from which about 15-20 are lights and i wanted to mess up with them a bit and told alexa to turn on and off all lights . I waited for alexa to turn on all lights which took about 30 secs (decent) then when i told her to turn them off it already had some some lag (took 1 minute) then once again after all lights were off and live logging wasnt showing anything i told her to turn on all lights, this time got worse, it took about 2-3 mins while live logging just hanged for 1 minute and didint had any reaction which tells me that the hub even tho is advertised is working with over 200 devices it lags and crashes when using just 15-20 devices in a short period of time.
I tried some live logging and i noticed 2 things when my hub is very slow to respond.
Sometimes i send some commands and live logging shows nothing, basically looks like the hub is freezing and not doing anything.
And sometimes again when it was slow i see some sort of error that i can’t quite understand.
Here is how it looks when device reacts good.:
'zw device: 3A, command: 600D, payload: 01 00 25 03 00 ’ parsed to [name:switch, value:off]
'zw device: 3A, command: 2003, payload: 00 ’ parsed to [:]

here what it looks when device isnt responding
'zw device: 3A, command: 3202, payload: 21 74 00 00 23 A2 00 00 ’ parsed to null
Yard light: MeterReport(scale2: false, scale: 2, rateType: 1, precision: 3, meterValue: [0, 0, 35, 162], deltaTime: 0, meterType: 1, size: 4, scaledPreviousMeterValue: 0.000, scaledMeterValue: 9.122, previousMeterValue: [0, 0, 0, 0])

And when not responding this message is spammed 10-15 times maybe someone with more technical knowledge can figure out what is going on , that parsed to null is definitely not lookin good

That one was my post: and I found out it was my own error in the if/then statements, noted at the bottom of that thread. Just fyi for posterity.

BUT: the app is very slow to load up, for sure.

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I feel for you I feel like I’m on X10 modules again. The worst thing that ever happened to Smartthings with Samsung. Before Samsung if I had a problem their support people were interested in helping you and always solve the problem. All Samsung does is ask you to reset reboot reload… and you have to wait two days between each email. It seems their goal is to make you get tired and stop bothering them. Bathroom light, a very simple program see motion turn on light it does, maybe after 10 to 30 seconds later. That delays becoming more common than not in my very automated home.