Need help finding alternative to Aeotec Smart Home Hub please

I had the Samsung ADT Smart Things Hub, which they end of lifed so nothing worked. I got an Aeotec Smart Home Hub for cheap thru an offer for folks that had the ADT. I cannot get the Aeotec to work. I have reset it bout a hundred times. I get as far as starting to pair it with my wifi network and then it won’t register and gives an error. Aeotec support is email only and they are not helpful. I have been trying to get the hub to work for a week and can’t. I keep emailing with them back and forth with screenshots and they don’t seem to have a clue nor do they seem to care. So I’m looking for an alternative so I get smart things working.

I’m looking for something that doesn’t require a degree from MIT to set up and doesn’t cost ten arms and legs. I have a Schlage zwave plus door lock. We control our lights (Sengled smart plugs and zigbee light bulbs) using Alexa. We have 4 different Echo units. We have a Ring doorbell and Arlo cameras. I have First Alert zwave combo carbon monoxide smoke alarms. We run no automation routines.

try - Aeotec only sells the hardware, the registration, setup and software is all provided by SmartThings. also tagging @garrett.kranz


Appreciate the reply.
That’s actually the email address I’ve been going back and forth with, unfortunately.

Plug the hub into your router with a network cable. Once set up it can work with WiFi, only I keep the hub plugged in as I prefer that.

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