Very slow automations today? (UK based)

Hi all,

I’m noticing today that all my Automations are running extremely slow, I have done ping, latency and bandwidth tests and our internet checks out to be just fine. Our hub is wired via Ethernet.

I think they are now cloud based?

I can walk into a room and be finished with what I wanted to do, even after struggling without any light before it turns on, or finish walking down a corridor before it turns on.

What’s going on? Anyone else noticed the same?

UK based.

What’s the best way to get as much as possible running local on this silly cloud reliant device? It’s not funny when a simple thing such as lights don’t work right.

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Exactly the same here (Also UK Based) mainly lights but other devices cannot update status and webcore pistons with ridiculous delays. The Smarthings app reports ‘a network or server error occured. tray again later’

I have also checked my broadband connection an rebooted smarthings an other associated hubs and devices no effect.

I feel slightly better someone else is experiencing the same problems as I’ve tried everything I can think of here.

Says it’s fine here:

Yes I checked that too. Although it appears they had the same problem in the States yesterday though. :thinking:

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its slow here as well!
any news

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Hi together,
same issues in Germany. This look like a Europe wide issue. Since yesterday all automation running slow, I can see that my motion sensor not reporting their real changes, need extrem long before they performing a Status update.

Interessting that the issues was away this morning at 06:00 and all was working fine but after 14:00 the same issues start again.:thinking:

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Very slow today again after briefly speeding up (not for long) and now it’s not working at all.

My kitchen light automation didn’t work for almost 5 minutes.

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UK here and automations virtually at s standstill. Motion sensors not registering movement and pistons not working.

In Spain the same problem since yesterday.
Always problems with zigbee Samsung door multisensors, motion sensors update status.
Checked router, reset hub v3 and problems still.
Very slow sensors status update or not update until open and close door again.
Imposible work with automations.

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I am experiencing the same problem - some of the automations are slow - taking a few seconds to execute. When I disconnect the internet connection, all automations doesn’ work. Wasn’t it supposed to be offline automation? This was one of the reasons I chose Smartthings.

Why it doesn’t work and why is it so slow recently?

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Nice to see Samsung / Smartthings have replied :frowning:

Just for information in case it helps anyone.

Pretty much all of my automation is is webcore which has fallen over and nothing is running or updating. I have just paused all 120 pistons for now :angry:. I stayed up most of the night creating new light automations in The Smart Lighting app and they are all working flawlessly :thinking: (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that). Some devices needed deleting the re adding to smartthings mainly hue bulbs. Even though some items such as a bulb are not either turning on, off or updateing status within the smartthings app the Smart Lighting automations are still running. Action tiles appears to working correctly at least for theses new light automations. Sadly a lot of the automation I have isn’t possible without webcore but the lights working is a step in the right direction.

Yes I believe that is due to smart lighting app being more local. Not always though.

It’s great as I have just migrated all my routines from that as I understand automations is the way to go.

To be frank it sucks… But smart lightning had its own dumb issues too where it does not like slightly more complex sunset and sunrise based rules much. To be fair for the such simple requests I have for a smart home system, it really is not smart at all.

It seems that since this morning it is working correctly and I have not noticed any delays in updating the status of the zigbee devices.

It look like it was fixed in the Background, all working as before. But still strange that these issue was not in anyway reflected at the status Page since yesterday. I did even not get a ticket No. after submitted the request via the new App.