An Update Regarding our Hardware

We’ve been following the comments on the Community regarding SmartThings hardware and wanted to help clarify some information on this matter. Earlier this year, we highlighted plans to enlist companies that are leaders in the smart home / automation space to manufacture and distribute SmartThings hardware. We are expanding our partnership with Aeotec to work with our European market and will share more information when available. Please stay tuned to our official channels for future announcements.

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It’s been certified on the US Z wave frequency. That device is not even legal in the EU.

And they have not yet certified it on the EU frequency.



Seeing that many things are only working in the US, then what is the point?

-Lock Code Management

And some features are not working in European countries:

-Smart Lighting
-Sonos speakers

What is the point?

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Sitting here in the EU (UK in my case) following things very closely for a while.

SmartLighting does work here by the way, not sure why it wouldn’t?

I suffer usual problems, inability to select devices in Google Home integration being top of my current gripe list, but otherwise all is well.

I hope this Aeotec partnership is a win win. Their kit is good and they are committed hardware manufacturers. Makes sense for Samsung to offload as they core manufacturing is not in this space.

Ever the optimist :grin:


Are we still EU ?? If we are … we won’t be for long, tbh I’ve lost track on which leg is in or out

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It’s region locked in the new app, so it is not available in all countries.

It is available in the UK. So far it has been reported as being unavailable in Denmark and I think Norway.


Hah, fair point! :cry:

Thanks for the heads up!

So…why is the hub V3 out of stock everywhere in Canada and many places in the US?


Pulled to apply new logo stickers over the Samsung ones


Are there other hubs compatible with 3rd party Z-wave devices? Getting worried about the future of SmartThings.

Sure, hubitat for starters.


Yes, that’s the advantage of an independent third-party protocol like Z wave. There are quite a few zwave hubs on the market and there are even five or six that support both Z wave and zigbee. Each has pluses and minuses, so the trick is finding one that matches your own requirements and preferences.

See the following thread:

Alternative Hubs


Let me understand: Samsung builds literally thousands of different electronic gadgets of all varieties throughout the world. However, it can’t be bothered manufacturing their own in-house, name-branded smart hub?


They never actually manufactured it.

It never has. They were always built by another company. At least as far as smartthings goes. There actually was a Z wave hub built for the Korean market by Samsung SDS there. But it was never sold outside of the South Korean market, and it was part of a security system that they had for smart apartments.

But remember that smartthings was originally a startup with its own manufacturing contracts when they were acquired by Samsung. And they were run pretty much as a separate division for the first couple of years after the acquisition. It’s been a long and winding path to where we are today. :sunglasses:


The Hubitat smartphone app UI is the only thing stopping me from jumping ship at the moment. I’m so used to the pretty SmartThings one (even the new app)


I agree with that and also the hassle of moving everything over and a couple of devices that wouldn’t work with hubitat ie my netatmo thermostat and ikea buttons the little square ones.

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Can’t remember if this link has been posted anywhere yet. It covers the Zigbee side of things.